• We Test Water For Free

    We Test Water For Free

    If you have a water problem, you should first have your water tested to identify the specific problem(s) and the extent of the problem(s).

    We test water for free for the following parameters: Total Hardness; Total Dissolved Solids/Salts (TDS); pH; and Iron (Fe).
    No one can accurately test for Hydrogen Sulfide (Sulfur "Rotten Egg" smell) unless they do so right on-site because the sulfur will quickly dissipate, and we do not test for Bacteria. Your local health department or a laboratory can test your water for Bacteria.

    We also have an inexpensive Well Water Test Kit that you can easily use to test your own water for Bacteria, Pesticides, Nitrates and Nitrites, Lead, Iron (Fe), Total Hardness, pH, Chlorine and Copper. And if you purchase any of our Water Products within 30 days of buying this Test Kit from us, we'll deduct the cost of the Kit from your purchase price.

    If you have a water problem, you should first have your water tested so you know exactly what problems you have and how extensive they may be. That way, you'll buy what you need, and won't waste money or time on what you don't need. Testing is the key to successful water treatment!

    If you would like us to test your water, would like more information about our Well Water Test Kit, or would like us to review test results you already have and make recommendations, give us a call toll-free @ 1-800-392-8882 or email us at info@waterproblems.net and we'll be happy to help you!

    Don't just Guess...Test!

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