Thriving Azaleas after Installing our CareFree®
Water Conditioner

Cherry Tomatoes after Installing our CareFree®
Water Conditioner

Our CARE FREE® Catalytic Water Conditioner can help Eliminate Leaf Burn, Stunted Growth, Wilt, Blossom Drop, Root Rot & Malnourishment caused by Poor Water & Soil Conditions with NO Chemicals and NO Maintenance! Gardeners, Farmers, Home Owners, Nursery Owners, Orchard growers, Vineyards & Landscapers find that CARE FREE Water Conditioners make their plants, trees, lawns & crops FLOURISH even in some of the most undesirable and salty water & soil conditions. CARE FREE Water Conditioners IMPROVE WATER NATURALLY WITHOUT CHEMICALS OR SALT!

Brackish, Salty Water is often a BIG Problem since salts can kill or damage plants On Contact (or at the very least cause leaf burn & stunted growth), will build up on plant roots & leaves which inhibits a plants ability to absorb nutrients, & can build up in the soil itself making soil extremely salty, hard & impermeable. Despite these facts, growers report success growing healthy plants with water containing up to 6,600 ppm salts AFTER installing a CARE FREE Water Conditioner!

Leaf Before

Leaf After

Melons Before

Melons After

How Is This Possible? The CAREFREE Water Conditioner doesn’t add anything to the water or soil but it’s unique catalytic process does neutralize & prevent salt, scale & mineral buildup on your plants’ roots & leaves, thus allowing better absorption of water & nutrients vital for healthy growth!

Also, continued use of CARE FREE Conditioned water will dilute & flush salts & hard water elements out of the soil for improved soil permeability & Quality~

It also prevents salts, calcium, lime & magnesium scale & other corrosive buildup that not only damage plants, but also can destroy Irrigation equipment such equipment as, Sprinklers, Pipes, Hoses, Nozzles & Sprayers!

BEST OF ALL this Care Free Process is 100% NATURAL so it will never hurt the Environment!

SOLUTION... a CARE FREE® Conditioner!

Consider the Benefits of Care Free Catalytic Water Conditioners...

benefits of a care free water conditioner

Hydroponic Cherry Tomatoes Thrive in 2,200 ppm SALT Water through a Care Free Conditioner.

  • Chemical-Free & Salt-Free so NO DAMAGE to Plants, Trees, Lawn, Crops, Landscaping or Septic System
  • Catalytic Action Neutralizes Damaging Salts & Minerals in Water & Soil
  • Built-to-Last Heavy-Duty Commercial & Marine Grade 316 Stainless Steel and comes with a Lifetime Warranty
  • Economic One-Time Cost.
  • Simple In-Line Installation & No or very little Maintenance
  • Unlimited Capacity for all your watering needs
  • Sizes available from 5 to 6,708 Gallons Per Minute Flow

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