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Testing Your Water

What's Wrong With Your Water?

...And What Do You Need To Do To Fix It?

Like many people, you have "water problems" either with hardness, odor, taste, corrosion, sediment, iron, bacteria or a combination of these troubles. But if you're like most folks, you may not know exactly what your water problems are, what causes them, or what you need to eliminate those problems. Don't feel bad! Very few people know much about water even though water is precious to all of us. We can help you identify your problems, then recommend the proper equipment to solve them. As we point out in our brochure, you will see there is no single piece of water treatment equipment that will solve every problem, but all of our products are GUARANTEED to perform as we say, and they are also completely CHEMICAL-FREE, SALT-FREE, EASY TO INSTALL, require little or NO MAINTENANCE & TREAT YOUR ENTIRE HOME!! We highly recommend that you have your water tested by an independent, private or public, water-testing lab or health department. The results will help us recommend which products will solve your particular problems. As a general guide only, consider the following:


HARD WATER(high levels of calcium, lime, magnesium, or salts)
Symptoms:White or gray calcification/buildup on faucets, in water heaters, Coffee maker/tea kettle; Scale "Ring" around tub, pots, bowls; Poor soap lather, dull off-colored or dingy laundry; Salt stunts or kills Plants or causes tip-burn on plant leaves.
Solution:YOU NEED - Our remarkable "Salt Free" Catalytic Care Free Water Conditioner
SULFUR ONLY("rotten egg" smell/hydrogen sulfide)
Symptoms:"Rotten egg" smell that sometimes dissipates after exposure to air; sometimes yellow or even black taint to water or stains and tarnishes silverware.
Solution:YOU NEED - Our Model CARB-X or OPSX
IRON ONLY(ferrous "clear water" or "dissolved" iron)
Symptoms:Water is clear out of cold water faucet, but upon standing or dripping turns yellow, orange, brown or red, sometimes has particles that settle; Stains in commodes, sinks, tubs, and clothes - dingy, discolored or stained when washed; "Oil slick" on surface of water in pots, pans, coffee makers when heated.
Solution:YOU NEED - Our Model IROX-F or IROX-B (Model depends on your individual water needs and water quality)
Symptoms:(Above symptoms for Sulfur & Iron) Manganese can have "sewage" smell and stains dark brown or black and/or gives water a black tint.
Solution:YOU NEED - Our Model IROX-F
BACTERIA(E.coli, Coliform bacteria, Salmonella or Viruses)
Symptoms: A water analysis shows the Presence of ANY amount of bacteria (water is "contaminated" and undrinkable where there's any E.coli or Coliform bacteria).
Solution:YOU NEED - Our Sterilight UV Disinfection System
SEDIMENT(dirt, debris, fine grit or particles of any color and/or cloudy water)
Solution:YOU NEED - Our Big Blue Commercial Quality Housing with Large 5 Micron Sediment Filter
NOTE:If you have any Heavy SAND or Heavy Debris that sinks QUICKLY to the bottom of a glass out of the tap, you need our SANDMASTER PLUS SAND ELIMINATOR.
Chlorine, Chloramines, Harsh Chemicals, Bad Taste or Odor not caused by Iron or Bacteria
Solution:YOU NEED – Our CARB-X System or Our Big Blue Commercial Quality Housing with Large Activated Carbon Filter (Preceded by a 5 Micron Filter to prolong Carbon Filter Life)
Symptoms:"Green" or "Blue-Green" staining; Corrosion damage to metal components of water system (pumps, pipes, tanks, heaters, fixtures, etc.)
Solution:YOU NEED - Our Model PHNT pH Neutralizer system


We'll Test Your Water FREE!

Although we always recommend that you have your water tested by an independent laboratory, we will be happy to test it for Hardness, pH, TDS (total dissolved salts), and Iron. We cannot test for Sulfur ("rotten egg") smell, because it will dissipate in less than 6 hours. But if you smell "rotten eggs"'ve got sulfur and we will consult with you further.

If you would like us to test your water, just mail us a 8 to 10 ounce sample, taken before any present water conditioning equipment you may have, in a plastic bottle with a plastic cap that's ONLY had drinking water in it before (like an Evian drinking water bottle). Be sure to include your Name & PHONE # , and our Free Water Test Form with your sample...

Mail it to:

Care Free Products of Arkansas™
19796 Poverty Point
Rogers, Arkansas 72756

(Be sure to include your name and telephone number!)

Your local Health Department should test your water for E.coli or other bacteria

We will never recommend more equipment than you need!
If we can't solve your water problems, we'll tell you!

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Today we have literally thousands of people, from all walks of life, who had one thing in common - they wanted to improve their water quality...without chemicals. Our customers include homeowners, farmers, and owners of vineyards, nurseries, apartments, and other businesses. Their water comes from private wells, community or rural systems, city sources, springs, lakes, rivers, streams, and even ponds! All are enjoying the benefits of our Care Free Water Conditioning Products!

All of our products are "Whole House Systems" and Require NO Salt or messy Chemicals to solve your water problems. They are easy to install. In fact, most "do-it-yourselfers" can install them by following our easy-to-install instructions. If you should have an installation problem, a Technical Support person is just a Toll Free phone call away!

What Do You Need To Do To Fix Your Water Problems?

If you get sick, you don’t just Guess what’s wrong, then buy different expensive medicine you Hope will cure your go to a Professional who conducts TESTS, makes an informed Diagnosis, CONSULTS with you, then prescribes the CORRECT TREATMENT which you then FOLLOW AS DIRECTED.

When you have “sick” water, you can fix it ONLY if you take the same steps as you would for yourself: #1 Have it professionally TESTED to diagnose the problem(s); #2 CONSULT with us so you buy the CORRECT TREATMENT Equipment; and #3 Install and Use the equipment AS DIRECTED!

This approach seems obvious, but you’d be surprised how many people spend thousands of dollars on water treatment equipment that doesn’t solve their problems, either because they don’t know what their problems are, and/or the equipment was never designed to treat their particular problems, and/or the equipment doesn’t have the Capacity to treat their level of severity OR ALL of the above!

Do you want to SOLVE your Water Problems, or just waste time and money?
Follow these steps, and we can SOLVE your Water Problems:


a) Don’t waste money on “home test kits”.

Have a professional with calibrated digital testing equipment test your water. Your local health department can (and Should!) test for bacteria. The National Testing Lab is an independent lab that does a great job testing for a broad range of contaminants for a reasonable price. Call them at 1-800-458-3330 for more information. If you are in Texas and near Texas A&M in College Station, their AgriLIFE Extension tests for a broad range of contaminants. Their number is 979-845-4816. A local lab can also test your water.

We test water at no charge for: Total Hardness, pH, Total Dissolved Salts (TDS), Conductivity, and Iron. *Note: Hydrogen Sulfide (Sulfur / “Rotten Egg” Smell) must always be tested on site & will dissipate before it can be tested here or elsewhere. If you would like us to test your water, please Click here for a "FREE WATER ANALYSIS" form and include it with your water sample.

**No matter who tests your water, have your water tested AT LEAST for Bacteria & Total Hardness, pH, TDS and Iron (& any other problems you think you have).


This is Easy but VERY VERY Important! You MUST do this!!

Water Treatment Equipment is designed to work properly based upon specific flow rates...that is, how many Gallons Per Minute Flow you have at the point where the equipment will be installed. If you have a well, generally this is NOT your pump’s GPM rating, but is the GPM flow AFTER your Pressure Tank.


  1. Find a 3, 4 or 5 gallon Bucket. Verify that the gallonage is ACCURATE because many buckets aren’t even close to the size they say they are. 5 gallon buckets are sometimes closer to 4-1/2 gallons!
  2. Find a water spigot or faucet AFTER the pressure tank (if on a well) but AS CLOSE to the pressure tank as possible and BEFORE any filters or water treatment equipment you have (if any). Sometimes this is right after the pressure tank. Often this is an outside spigot. Make sure it has no hose or other restrictions.
  3. Open the spigot wide-open (if on a well, let it run and run until you well pump comes on), then shove the bucket under the spigot and
  4. count on your watch how many seconds it takes to fill the bucket. BE VERY ACCURATE. Write down the results (size of the bucket & # of seconds it took to fill it). We will then convert this into your GPM Flow.


Water treatment equipment is sized by your flow rate, NOT by your pipe size. If equipment is Over-sized or Under-sized for YOUR Flow rate, it will not work!


We will review your water Test results, calculate your Flow Rate from the flow rate test you performed, discuss your water application and projected use & gallonage, determine what Capacity your system requires & recommend the water treatment equipment that will solve your particular water problems.

Here’s an example:

Your test result shows you have 3.2 ppm Iron. Your pH is 6.8. Your Hardness is 8 GPG. Your TDS is 300 ppm. You have no sulfur or bacteria. You want to treat the water in your home. There are normally 4 people in the home, although you often have up to 8 during weekends. You filled a 5 gallon bucket in 28 seconds. (=10.71 gals per min).

You know your water is hard and somewhat salty but your main problem right now is the bad iron staining.


We have at least 3 systems that remove iron. Each has a different capacity (maximum amount of iron it can remove). Neither your Hardness nor TDS at these levels are significant factors in deciding which iron remover to recommend.

To determine Capacity we multiply 3.2 (ppm iron) x 8 (maximum people)= 25.6 then multiply that by 100 gals per person per day (ave. use in the U.S.) = 2,560 ppm. You need to remove 2,560 ppm per day of iron contaminants.

Two of our systems would completely remove all the iron and both will perform at your pH level of 6.8. One system takes out 2,795 ppm iron per day so you may want the larger system that removes 5,000+ ppm iron per day since you’re close to the maximum capacity of the first system. Your flow rate will support either system.


Installation of our products is Simple and Operation is Automatic. However, the success of your water treatment equipment depends on following the simple Installation and Operating Instructions we include with each product, so read and follow them as directed! If you ever have Questions, just call us Toll-Free at 1-800-392-8882