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Chloramines, Organic Chemicals, Moderate Sulfur & Bad Odors & Tastes

Does your Drinking Water have an Unpleasant, Strange or "Off" Smell or Taste not caused by Iron or Bacteria? Does it have Slight to Moderate Sulfur "Rotten Egg" smell, or does it smell or taste "Earthy", "Musty", "Fishy", "Bitter", "Swampy"~ Does it smell and taste like Chemicals or like the strong, horrible Chlorine or horrible Chloramines which are usually a mix of Ammonia AND Chlorine.

More and more cities and water providers are using Chloramine as a disinfectant in drinking water and all across the country people have reported skin, eye and respiratory problems in connection with this practice. Chlorine, Ammonia and Chloramine are extremely corrosive and researchers believe that using Chloramine as a disinfectant can corrode lead and copper in pipes and result in high levels of lead in drinking water. Lead in drinking water is a Major Public Health Risk, especially for young children, and lead poisoning causes learning disabilities, hyperactivity and irreversible brain damage according to the U.S. EPA.

Our Care Free CARB-X Filtration System with special Centaur® Virgin Activated Carbon will remove and eliminate these undesirable Chemical Contaminants, Bad Odors and Tastes, and the Centaur® carbon will Last For Years under most circumstances.

Our CARB-X Filter will "Polish" the water in your entire home so it smells and tastes BETTER THAN BOTTLED WATER all with NO salt, NO chemicals, and NO mess! In fact, this carbon is used to treat water in commercial bottling & soft drink industries, and for aquarium water treatment!

Centaur® Virgin Activated Carbon is a unique Catalytic media & is outstanding in organic chemical removal, odor and taste elimination and in operating efficiency compared with traditional activated carbons. Under most conditions, it will remove 6 to 8 parts per million (ppm) of Chlorine & Chloramines (the EPA Maximum Level [MRDL] currently allowed in drinking water is 4 ppm), & up to 3 ppm Hydrogen Sulfide (Sulfur "Rotten Egg" smell). It also removes many other trace chemicals & contaminants that make water smell and taste bad, and requires No Replenishment for Many Years!

Waterproblems Tank

The CARB-X is easy to install in your main water supply line (after the pressure tank if you have a well). It comes with a Bypass Valve that just connects between your incoming supply line and your home, and the unit simply plugs into a regular 110 volt outlet.

Bad odors and tastes as well as contaminants such as Chloramines, Chlorine, and Slight to Moderate Sulfur are easily removed by the catalytic reaction & filtration of the oxidizing Centaur® Activated Carbon in the CARB-X tank, all without pumps, venturis & without messy chemicals, or salt! The contaminants along with bad smells and tastes are captured in the tank.

The CARB-X then automatically flushes the contaminants, odors & tastes down the drain or outside. Because we don’t use any salt or other chemicals, the backwash is safe for the environment and many people direct the backwash water directly onto their plants or trees.

The proprietary valve is digital & uses an innovative design instead of pistons, seals and spacers that wear out in a few years like most valves, and it has a 5 year warranty. The proprietary Tank uses 1/3 to 1/2 less water than conventional tanks and has a 10 year warranty.