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Green Stains, AcidicWater

pH is a measure of how Acidic or how Alkaline your water is. On a pH scale of 0 to 14, "7.0″ is completely Neutral...not acidic & not alkaline. As you go down the scale, the water is more & more acidic. For example 6.9 is more acidic than 7.0, 6.8 is more acidic than 6.9 and so on.

LOW pH or ACIDIC Water is a BIG Problem because it can cause corrosion damage to the metal parts of your water system including pipes & fixtures (copper, iron, galvanized and brass), water tanks & heaters. Even if you have PVC or PEX plumbing, you probably have copper or brass fittings in some places and almost always have metal water tanks & heaters. One common symptom of Acidic Water is GREEN or BLUE-GREEN Staining when copper or other metals are being "eaten up"!

Also, if you have Iron and/or Sulfur, the pH of your water is an important factor and may have to be raised for Iron and/or Sulfur removal equipment to work properly.

SOLUTION... Our pH Neutralizer

Dome Hole Fill Port

Dimensions of Typical System: 62" H X 10" Diameter

Our Model PHNT raises the pH of your water which decreases its acidity, thereby reducing the water’s corrosive and destructive properties. The PHNT contains a bed of material – usually Calcite & Corosex – trade names for finely ground marbleized limestone – which raises the water’s pH value. As water passes through this bed of material, a small amount of the bed material is dissolved and the acid is neutralized. As a result, the water becomes more alkaline (the pH value goes up) and it becomes less acidic & corrosive. Our PHNT has No filters, No Pumps, uses No harmful chemicals & there is nothing to constantly mix & pour into it! It should be installed before other water treatment equipment (if any) & after your pressure tank if you have a well, and it automatically backwashes about every 6 days to loosen the material and clean the bed.

Because the bed material slowly dissolves, about every 9 to 12 months some additional bed material needs to be added through a convenient "Dome Hole" on the top side of the tank so you do not need to remove the valve from the tank or disassemble your plumbing!