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Unlike most water treatment companies, we don’t manufacture the products we sell so we’re not biased and don’t promote our systems just because we have no other choice.

On the contrary, we’ve searched world-wide and found the very Best Quality, Salt-Free and Chemical-Free, Longest Lasting, Easiest to Install, and Lowest Maintenance Products and Components available anywhere. For example, when we build our Iron, Sulfur & Manganese Removal Systems, we start with the Best water-conserving mineral tank from a leading manufacturer specializing in mineral tanks. Then we select the Best control valves with no metal parts to corrode or be "eaten up" by corrosive elements from another leading manufacturer specializing in control valves. Finally, we add the Best longest lasting, highest capacity iron, sulfur & manganese removal media manufactured by a company specializing in iron, sulfur & manganese removal media resulting in a System for you that’s Superior in every respect!

Most of our products are proudly made in America. Our Care Free Catalytic hard water conditioner has been proudly manufactured by an Australian company since 1980 and we are the U.S. Distributor of that fantastic product. We also have the flexibility to offer the very Best products as technology continually improves. IF THERE WERE BETTER PRODUCTS ON THE MARKET WE’D BE SELLING THEM.

Our mission is to sell you Only what you need to solve Your water problem(s). We first diagnose your Particular Water Problem(s) by testing and personal consultation, tell you exactly what your problems are, and then assemble the right treatment system to solve Your specific problem(s)-Guaranteed! One size does Not fit all and one or two water systems do not solve everyone’s problems.

We have been a family owned and operated business for over 30 years and don’t have any high-pressure commissioned salespeople who are desperate to make sales, we don’t have any investors or stockholders we have to keep "happy", and we don’t use any tactics or gimmicks to make sales. We love what we do, and our goal is to educate you and help you. We hope you’ll give us that opportunity.

Consider the following "Check List" to help you choose the "Right" Company


Once you realize you have a water problem and decide to treat it, we recommend you be careful when choosing a water treatment company. The wrong company or products can waste a lot of your time and money.

Be on the lookout for the following crucial facts to increase your odds of hiring knowledgeable and trustworthy water treatment professionals:

A Toll-Free telephone numberA physical office address
Water Quality Association memberConsults with you first
Number of Years in BusinessWill give written Quotes
Offers Money back guaranteesKnowledgeable staff
Gives personal care & attentionInsists on Testing first
Caters to your unique needsAnswers your questions
Available for advice & helpNo sales gimmicks
No high-pressure salespersonsTests water for Free
Provides precise, quantitative test results & explains results to you
Offers problem-specific products not just "all-purpose" products
Has Lots of great customer testimonials nationwide