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Even small drips cause BIG problems

Iron ruins everything it touches!

"Ferrous", "Dissolved", or "Clear Water" Iron as it is often called, is Iron that’s water soluble so your water looks "clear" coming out of the faucet. However, as soon as it comes in contact with air, the Iron begins to come out of solution and convert into "Ferric" Iron which you can see because it turns color (yellow, orange, brown, or red), tastes metallic, and causes Terrible Stains! Sometimes people call Iron "Rust" because of its rusty-colored stains, but no matter what you call it, IRON ruins everything it touches....pipes, appliances, tile, sinks, tubs, toilets, fixtures and clothes. Especially whites!!

TIP: Until you eliminate the Iron in your water, never use Chlorine Bleach in your wash because it will bring the Iron out of solution & it will Set the Stains!!




We have 2 Different IROX Iron Eliminator Models...the IROX-B & IROX-F. BOTH models remove High levels of Iron for your entire home, and the IROX-F ALSO removes HIGH LEVELS OF SULFUR "Rotten Egg" smell AND MANGANESE!! Both IROX models use our unique method that requires NO Salt, NO Chlorine and NO Messy or Dangerous Chemicals! ALSO, The patented filter material that removes the Iron, Sulfur & Manganese LASTS FOR YEARS AND YEARS!! The IROX is easy to install in your main water supply line (after the pressure tank if you have a well). It comes with a Bypass Valve that just connects between your in-coming supply line and your home, and the unit simply plugs into a regular 110 volt outlet.

Comparison between white tee
shirts washed before and after the
Care Free IROX installation

Waterproblems IROX tank

Severe Iron (& Sulfur & Manganese, if any) is easily removed by the catalytic reaction & filtration of the oxidizing filter material which is specially selected based upon your particular needs, water quality & usage, all without any air pumps, venturis or messy chemicals! All the Iron, Sulfur & Manganese is captured in the bed of filter material inside the tank.

The IROX then automatically flushes away the Iron, Sulfur & Manganese down the drain or outside. Because we don’t use any salt, chlorine or other chemicals, the backwash is safe for the environment and many people direct the backwash water directly onto their plants or trees.

The proprietary valve is digital, has NO METAL parts like almost all other valves (because iron & sulfur love to "eat" metal!) and uses an innovative design instead of pistons, seals and spacers like most valves and has a 5 year warranty. The water-saving tank uses 1/3 to 1/2 less water than other mineral tanks & has a 10 year warranty.

We select which filter material to use based on your particular needs including the severity of your Iron, Sulfur and/or Manganese, your flow rate & water usage, your pH, & other factors. Call us today to discuss which IROX system and filter material will insure the Best Results for you!

In 2007 Marianne Bradley of Longview, Texas wrote:
Waterproblems testimonial

How do you thank someone who improved the quality of our lives?
For over 20 years, we have struggled with lots and lots of iron water. For those who don’t know about iron, let me explain. Everything turns red. Your skin, your hair, your nails and don’t even think about what it probably does to your insides. Iron ruins clothes, ruins appliances. We have had washing machines ruined because of iron. I washed our black clothes in our water to save money and it was like we were in mourning because we all were in black. I guess in a way we were in mourning.
I prayed. My prayer was just relief from this burden of bad water. . . . .Care Free answered my prayers.
Our Care Free Iron Eliminator has given our family of 11 white sheets, white shirts, clean fixtures and the luxury to wash everything at home instead of spending more than $63 a week at the Laundromat & for harsh chemicals! Not to mention the money for gas & my time!
There is now no sign of iron in our water anywhere and the water is delicious. My Husband & I will give our word that this (IROX) system works. I called around 10 (IROX customers) and everyone was happy.
If you are suffering with water problems this may be an answer for you. It was for us. We pray & give thanks to God and Care Free every day.
We are overcome with joy.
Marianne Bradley