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We sell in-line water treatment equipment that uses no salt, no chlorine, no chemicals, no magnets & requires no or very little maintenance for whole-house residential applications, commercial applications and agricultrual applications.

We have money-back guarantees and to insure you buy the right product(s) for your specific problem(s), we will test your water for free.

We sell direct to our customers from Maine to Hawaii & we can do this because our products are easy to install & don’t required constant supplies or maintenance.

We’re not in the parts and supply business...we’re in the "long-term solution" business. That’s what makes our products so affordable and "care free"!

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Iron / Rust


"Ferrous", "Dissolved", or "Clear Water" Iron as it is often called, is Iron that’s water soluble so your water looks "clear" coming out of the faucet. However, as soon as it comes in contact with air, the Iron begins to come out of solution and convert into "Ferric" Iron which you can see because it turns color (yellow, orange, brown, or red), tastes


Hard Water

clogged pipe

"HARD" water contains calcium and magnesium and often other minerals and salts and HARD Water is a Serious Problem! HARD Water is also a very common problem...water in 85% of the U.S. is so hard that it should be conditioned to be of maximum usefulness. The term "Hardness" originally applied to water that was hard to wash clothes in because it prevents



bad smell

Hydrogen Sulfide or "SULFUR" in your water smells like "Rotten Eggs" and it Stinks! SULFUR is a gas that dissolves quickly in water and when released, such as at a water faucet or shower, its disgusting "Rotten Egg" odor is present even at low concentrations. SULFUR gas is also flammable and it is very corrosive to most metals and can even tarnish silverware! The horrible odor is