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WATER PROBLEM... Sand & Dirt

SOLUTION... CARE FREE ® SandMaster Plus ™

Sandmaster Filter

SAND in your water can be a BIG problem because is clogs up appliances, water heaters, faucet aerators, sprinklers and about everything it can get into! Sand at the beach may be fun but who wants sand in their ice cubes and drinking water, or their tubs, toilets, or showers?

Our Stainless Steel SandMaster Plus gets the sand OUT! It doesn’t just filter sand from your water, it actually SEPARATES it from your water with centrifugal action.

Our Sand Master Plus is Built To Last because its made of rugged 14- gauge rugged Stainless Steel, polished to long-lasting perfection. So you can count on years and years of trouble-free performance even if you have very corrosive water! It also comes with a Heavy-duty mounting bracket for a professional installation.

Our SandMaster Plus easily installs after your pump and before your pressure tank.

It’s also very easy to use! It requires NO Electricity, NO Pumps & has NO screens or Filters to clean or replace ~ It comes with a battery-operated Automatic Purge Valve you can set to purge when you want it to, so you don’t even have to worry about that although you can purge it manually if you want to...There’s absolutely NO Maintenance except changing a 9 volt battery about once a year!

Your sandy water flows from your pump into the SandMaster Plus then, by Centrifugal action, the water swirls around and around throwing the sand & particles to the perimeter of the unit where gravity helps them fall into the lower collection chamber. The unit then automatically purges at a frequency you determine, and the unwanted sand & particles are simply flushed away. NO SCREENS. NO CARTRIDGES. NO PROBLEMS.

Sand Master Plus removes Sand, Shale and Oxidized Particles that are heavy enough to "sink" to the bottom of a glass or bucket within a short time. If the debris in your water does not sink to the bottom, it can be removed with our Big Blue Commercial Quality 5 Micron Filters. See below for more information about "Dirt & Sediment".


compare used and new filters

Our filters trap all the dirt & sediment in your water. Compare a used & new filter side-by-side!



DIRT and SEDIMENT in water can be a BIG Problem when it builds up and clogs plumbing and working parts of water-using appliances, PLUS it makes the water look off-colored, dirty and "Cloudy" which is NOT very appetizing! Water that is unclear or "Cloudy" looking is said to have high "Turbidity".

"TURBIDITY" in water is caused by suspended matter, such as clay, silt, fine particles of organic and inorganic matter, & microscopic organisms. Because matter that makes water cloudy & turbid is so fine, the particles don’t separate from the water but instead they stay suspended in it.

Our Big Blue Commercial Quality Whole House 5 Micron Long Life/ High Flow sediment filter cartridges trap these problem particles, keep them out of your Entire Home & all appliances, and keep the water looking clean and clear! These are not the little "toy" faucet or shower head filters you find at local hardware stores, but are large & sturdy and can even be cleaned at least once.


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Remove these from your water with our Heavy-duty Whole House Long Life/ High Flow Activated Charcoal filter cartridge.

The water in many systems can taste and/or smell bad due to chlorination and other chemicals or even from natural causes. Our Activated Charcoal filters are the least expensive way to eliminate objectionable tastes & odors! We recommend that you always install a Big Blue 5 Micron filter before the Charcoal filter to prolong the life of the Charcoal filter.

Our Big Blue Heavy Duty Filter Housings are 14″ high x 7.5″ wide, have an "O" Ring design to insure against leaks & have a pressure release button for easy filter changes. Each Housing comes with a Heavy Duty Mounting Bracket and Spanner Wrench.