• Get the SAND OUT of your Water!

    Get the SAND OUT of your Water!

    If you have sand in your water, you need our Care Free Sand Remover with automatic purge valve!

    We often have customers tell us that they have sand in their water which is plugging up their pipes and water-using appliances and especially clogging up faucets and washing machine parts.

    New wells often have lots of sand and debris, and sometimes running the well continuously for a length of time will solve the problem, but if the problem persists, you need to eliminate the sand and debris asap or it will ruin your appliances...besides, who wants to bathe with sandy water or drink it?

    If you have sand in your water, you need our Care Free Sand Remover. The system is installed in your water line before the pressure tank and has an automatic purge valve to purge out the sand as often as you want it to. The Sand Remover is stainless steel and as water enters the chamber, it swirls around and "throws" the particles of sand and debris against the chamber wall. The sand and debris then falls to the bottom of the chamber thanks to gravity, and are automatically purged away. All you have to do is change a 9 volt battery about once a year!

    Make sure your sand is heavy enough for the system to work by drawing a glass of water and "swirling" the sand around with a spoon...if the particles fall to the bottom within 30 to 60 seconds, the Sand Remover is for you! If the particles just stay in solution and never settle, you will need our long-lasting sediment filters.

    Get the Sand Out of your water without using screens, filters, pumps or electricity with our Care Free Sand Remover!

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