If you have a strong chlorine smell or taste in your water, you can remove it with a Care Free CARB-X whole house chlorine removal system.

    A lady asked us today how to remove chlorine from her water because not only does it make her water taste and smell terrible, it also makes her skin dry, red and itchy and it irritates her husband's eyes and gives him a stomach ache. She said she was on a rural water supply so had no control over what was added to her water, and that the little in-line charcoal filters she bought at the hardware store didn't help... she said she desperately needed to solve this water problem!

    If you have a strong chlorine smell or taste in your water, you will want our Care Free CARB-X chlorine removal system which removes 6 to 8 parts per million (ppm) of chlorine (The U.S. EPA Maximum Residential Disinfection Level [MRDL] allowed in drinking water is 4 ppm). The special Centaur Virgin Activated Carbon eliminates this undesirable chlorine chemical smell and odor for your entire home, and under normal circumstances will not need to be replenished for many years!

    The CARB-X is completely automatic and is guaranteed to remove the bad smell, taste and side-effects caused by Chlorine in your water.

    Why suffer the unpleasant consequences of chlorine in your water when you can eliminate them and have water that tastes better than bottled water with a Care Free CARB-X?!

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