Waterproblems By State

  • Roman & Chris Jabkiewicz of Crivitz, Wisconsin

    “We are very happy with our Care Free ron & Sulfur Remover! For many years we tried to solve our rust, hard water and bad egg odor. When we first moved on our land we put in a sand point, and our water was really bad. We tried everything. We bought a water softener with salt tablets that only made the water softer but we still couldn’t drink the water and my whites still got yellow. We threw out a lot of our clothes! Then in 2003 we put in a drilled well that did absolutely nothing to fix our water problem! Now that we have your Iron & Sulfur system my whites stay white, no more rust stains in the sinks, tubs & toilets. I would refer your products to anyone with rust, sulfur and hard water problems!”

  • Larry & Janice Rider of Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin

    “We recently purchased and installed a Stainless Steel Care Free Catalytic Water Conditioner and we are happy to report that we don’t have the terrible hard water stains that we once had around our sink and bathtub fixtures. Since we don’t have to “chip” the lime away anymore routine cleaning is now a breeze. We’ve also discovered we are able to use less detergent in the dish-washer and washing machine and still get very clean dishes and laundry. As for showers, we’ve noticed a remarkable difference~ we are able to use much less body wash, shampoo, conditioner etc. and still get squeaky clean! It’s an added plus knowing the unit is working efficiently and is virtually maintenance free—No Salt to continually add as with conven-tional water softeners. Thanks so much for making such a great product!”