Waterproblems By State

  • JOHN PRUKOP of Premont, Texas , PRUKOP FARMS, Owner/Manager

    Here at Prukop Farms we have installed three Care Free Water Conditioners on irrigation wells that supply our drip irrigation to primarily watermelon crops. These wells produce 1100 gallons per minute of water that is of marginal quality for irrigating crops, due mainly to the different salts they contain. We have been affected by a two year drought, so our past spring and fall crops were grown exclusively with this well water delivered to our watermelon crops conditioned by a Care Free Water Conditioner. Since we installed the conditioners we have Harvested two of the best spring and two of the best fall crops we have had in seventeen years of growing drip irrigated watermelons! This is remarkable given the water quality and the total lack of rainfall.

    Plant Problems, Irrigation, High TDS, Salty Water

  • Jerry Robertson of Marquez, Texas , Robertson Farms

    We have a sizable poultry farm here in Marquez, Texas. We have three water wells that fill a 5,000 gallon holding tank and then feed into 8 chicken (broiler) houses. Our well water is very hard and salty, which causes tremendous maintenance problems especially with calcium and salt constantly building up on the broiler house cooling cell pads. In August of 2012, we purchased a Care Free Catalytic Water Conditioner (Model CF50MKII which was suggested by Care Free Products because we had an average flow rate of 100 gpm), and installed it immediately. The results were amazing! No more calcium and salt buildup on anything including the cooling cell pads. This has not only saved us money for time and maintenance it used to take to clean off the calcium and salt, but has saved us from losing chickens to the heat. Thank you Care Free Products.

    Hard Water, High TDS, Salty Water

  • J.T. FALKE of Corpus Christi, Texas

    I maintain a 15,000 square foot vegetable garden here in Corpus Christi. We grow tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots and other vegetables, but we had so much salt in our water that everything always had leaf burn and often died. The more we watered with salty water, the saltier the soil got also, and by 2009, almost everything died in the garden. Then we bought a Care Free catalytic water conditioner CF20MKII from Care Free Products of Arkansas, installed it and the crops flourished! Wish we had known sooner, but so glad we found out about this great product!

    Plant Problems, Irrigation, High TDS, Salty Water

  • LeRoy & Elaine Pelzel of Miles, Texas

    We purchased the Sterilight S12Q Disinfection System with the Big Blue Filter and also the CF20MKII Care Free Water Conditioner in 2008. After taking several water samples, the samples keep coming back clear of all bacteria! The Big Blue Filter is also doing a good job. We are well pleased with the setup on our water system and also the service we are receiving from the company. Thank you for everything.

    Hard Water, Bacteria, Dirt & Sediment

  • Genea Van Deman of Smithville, Texas

    “I’m so excited about my Iron & Sulfur Units! For the first time I have ice & a water dispenser with great water. For the first time in many years I’m no longer buying bottled water. Thank you Care Free.”

  • Bill Conger of Stephenville, Texas

    “I have well water and it is hard, and I had calcium and lime buildup. I heard about the Care Free Water Conditioner and decided to try one . Well, to my amazement, in about a week the lime and calcium deposits disappeared and the water became softer! I would highly recommend it to anyone!”

  • Norman Self of Argyle, Texas

    "The Care Free Water Conditioner that I purchased from you is work-ing great, my yard and shrubs quit burning. I don't understand why your product does what it does but I am looking forward to another growing season."

  • Sharon Randle of Granbury, , Texas

    My sulfur smell in my new house was awful. Your system works great under normal use. The only time I now smell sulfur is when I use large amounts of water because I'm putting in a new lawn. I have recommended your product to sev-eral of my neighbors."

  • Hagee Allal of Rosser, Texas

    "I would like to let you know that your Care Free Water Conditioner works wonderful. It cleared up all my hard water problems and I am very happy to recommend it to anyone who has hard water problems. My mother is now in-stalling a Care Free Water Conditioner in her home and I know she will be just as happy as I am. It's a great product.”

  • William G. Taylor of Brazoria, Texas

    "I purchased your Sulfur system and installed it in my get away camp house. I am well pleased with it. It has done away with the rotten egg smell. Thank you very much!

  • Charles Tatum of Muldoon, Texas

    "We have been very satisfied with the way the Sulfur Eliminator has taken the odor problem out of our water. We figured it would take a while for the odor to work its way out of our system but by the next day it was gone completely. Another thing I like abut your system is you install it and forget it. Your product really works well.”

  • .B. Kubiak of Rockdale, Texas

    “We purchased our Iron & Sulfur filter and have been very satisfied with the results. We had a rotten egg smell as well as an iron problem and black residue in the tubs and commode tanks. Within 24 hours of installing the system we were free of all three problems and they have not returned. Sure wish we had known about this system much sooner as my wife no longer has to clean away rust with caustic chemicals.”

  • Melody Vidaurri of Liberty Hill, Texas

    “I purchased your Sulfur Remover and I am very pleased with the system. I have a small cabin in Liberty Hill, Texas and when we had our well drilled the water had a very bad odor to it. I was embarrassed to have people over because of the smell. After we installed your system the smell (rotten eggs) went away immediately. Thanks.”

  • Manuel Trevino of Burleson, Texas

    “We’ve had our Care Free Water Conditioner and Sterilight UV system in place now since June 2003 and have enjoyed being able to stop lugging bottled water home from the grocery store. It’s unconscious now to drink water from the tap. There is a noticeable drop in the amount of mineral deposits around the faucets and toi-let bowls and the water tastes great. In addition, I installed the system in such a way that water from the sprinkler system is conditioned too. The grass, shrubbery and plants are much greener in the spring and summer. The indoor plants love it too. What we really like about the system is no need for salt or chemicals to condition the water. It’s enviro-friendly and much less expensive to operate than traditional salt-based systems. It was a straightforward installation and, except for my not paying attention and cracking the UV quartz sleeve, it went together easily. Incidentally, Care Free Products had a replacement quartz sleeve shipped for quick delivery. Great job! We are pleased with the results!”

  • Belva Spiva of Willis, Texas

    “I love our Care Free Sulfur Remover! No hard water in the toilets, dishwasher and washing machine, and no stink. We had a bad “skunk” smell in our water when it was used each time, but the Oxidizer Plus got rid of the smell completely. My toilets used to be impossible to keep clean...now, no problem! I just wish we had found out about you earlier...before we bought a water softener that we do not now need. Thanks.”

  • L. Vern Foreman of Odessa, Texas , Foreman Electric Service Co., Inc.

    “When my grandparents drew water from the open well and drank with a dipper from a bucket, the high iron content was not a problem. In these modern times, when we drilled a well and set a pressure tank, and only used the water two or three weekends a month we had a strong “rotten egg” smell and a red kind of rust looking deposit on all of our plumbing appliances! I was also very con-cerned about having problems with washing machines valves, dishwasher valves, etc. I saw one of your ads in an electrical utility magazine and after three or four discussions with employees from your company, I decided the Iron Remover would solve my water problems. I’m pleased to report that I made the proper decision. Since installing it, we have eliminated the discoloration of all our plumbing fixtures and the “rotten egg” smell has gone away! Since I have spent 45 years in the electrical business trying to solve other peoples prob-lems, it is certainly gratifying to be able to solve this water problem with your help.”

  • Kay P. Horton of Sandia, , Texas

    "We started with water that was extremely unsuitable due to an offensive sulfur smell, an unpalat-able taste, rust discoloration, and hardness. Initially I purchased your Iron removal unit in October 2001. This unit immediately worked as advertised, removing the sulfur odor from my water, rust streaks, & deposits were no longer accumulat-ing in my toilet bowls and the water seemed to taste better. However, I was still building scale deposits in my toilets, showerhead and faucets. In March 2002 I installed your Care Free water conditioner after the Iron removal unit. What a difference! The water taste has improved even more and my bath soap appears to be more sudsy. I am looking forward to not having to scrub scale from my plumbing fixtures in the future. The other plus to this scenario is that I no longer have to buy bottled water for coffee, tea and drinking water. I heartily recommend your 'Care Free' products to improve the quality of problem water. THANK YOU for all the untiring assistance and hand holding you did to get me through my unacceptable water situation.”

  • Glen & Susan Johnson of Kosse, , Texas

    "We ordered your Care Free Sulfur & Iron Remover with much skepticism. 'Plumb it, Plug it in and Forget about it' seemed too good to be true. But with your 90 day, no hassle money back guarantee we felt we had nothing to lose but our bad water, and our water was bad! Sinks, tubs and toilets had to be cleaned daily with harsh chemicals to keep iron stains at bay. We could not use water for cooking or making coffee or tea, nor could we do our laundry at home. We had installed some filters on our water supply, they helped a little, but didn't solve the problem. We installed your system on January 14, 2002 and after flushing out the water lines the water was great and continues to be great! The system performed just as you said it would and it wasn't difficult to install. We hope your system will last forever, it's great to have good water! Thank you Care Free."

  • Stephanie & Mike Foeh of Hallettsville, Texas

    "My husband and I recently built our dream home in the country, or so we thought until we tried our water. The water had a terrible smell and was full of rust. We were very upset and began to look for a solution for our problem. I didn't like typical softeners because you had to use and add salt. My husband found your ad in a magazine and we decided to give it a try, after all you had a money back guarantee. We ordered your Sulfur & Iron Removal System and Care Free Water Conditioner. I noticed the difference right away. My house no longer stunk when I washed clothes and the sinks no longer had tough water spots I had fought so hard to keep off. Needless to say we are delighted with your products and the great success we have had with them. Thanks to you I have my dream home back!"

  • Ralph C. May of Decatur, Texas

    “I purchased a Care Free water conditioner and Sulfur remover system, and as soon as I turned the water back on and walked back to the house after installing them, the sulfur smell was gone! I dumped out the ice maker and the next morning the ice was clear and odor free. Also there are no rings in the toilet and no calcium on the faucets...I’m glad I saw your ad in my electric cooperative magazine. I would sincerely recom-mend your products to anyone. ~ Your friend

  • Ron Taylor of Seadrift, , Texas

    “The Care Free Conditioner & Sulfur and Iron Remover that we purchased from you have been AWESOME! Our water had so much iron and smelled awful, plus we wouldn’t think of drinking it. Now, we have clear, soft, great smelling, stain free water. Your products have done everything you said they would do! THANK YOU!”

  • Jim Melton of Wimberley, Texas

    “We moved into our new home in Nov. 2002. At first we didn’t notice we had a problem, then we discovered we had a terrible odor from our hot water, and rust stains in the commodes and in the kitchen sink. Since installing your Sulfur and Iron removal system, our rotten egg odor is gone along with the rust stains. We are very pleased we made the purchase.”

  • Rev. Roger Neeb, of Georgetown, , Texas

    “In this area, the water is supplied from a limestone aquifer. On our son-in-law’s recommendation- he’s an engineer - we purchased the Care Free Water Conditioner since he had great satisfaction with one earlier. It was simple to install, has worked beautifully, and we cannot be more pleased with the water quality and lack of calcium residue than we are!” Rev. Roger Neeb,

  • George Pierce of Winnsboro, Texas

    We are very pleased with our Care Free Iron remover and the pH Neutralizer system! The water is not the same (no more iron) and does not smell. Thanks!”

  • Paul Jenkins of Rockdale, Texas

    “We installed your Sulfur and Iron removal system and saw immediate results! Everyone comments on the “good” water we have. We moved here from an area that had excellent water and were disappointed to find that here the water stained everything orange and had a bad odor and metallic taste. Now, thanks to Care Free Products, we can enjoy our new home.”

  • Mike Campbell. of Texarkana, Texas

    I installed your Iron Remover & inline catalytic water conditioner, and it was very easy to install. No salt to buy now so it is basically no cost to operate and is maintenance free. All the rusty looking iron stains are gone and the water does not smell or taste bad. Wish I had known about this system years ago! We had a Rain-soft system that cost more, needed salt and someone to work on it yearly. Your product is superior to it in every way. We really do love it. ~A Lifetime Customer

  • Rory Dahl of McKinney, , Texas

    "I wanted to give you an update on our system. Our Care Free Water Conditioner is working great! Our well water has over 2500 parts per million of TDS and salt, yet with the Care Free Conditioner, I'm not seeing any signs of corrosion or calcification. I installed the Care Free unit just before our storage tank, so all water including our irrigation source passes through your unit. Our trees and grass are thriving unlike our neighbors who are experiencing what appears to be salt damage to their plants. We also installed your Big Blue filters, Sterilight UV system and the custom R/O system you recommended in our house. The water is fantastic! Even the kids say the tap water is as good as the distilled water we had been buying. The equipment is all working well. I've had no problems since bringing the house on line. I really appreciate all the up front technical support you provided helping me design the system and getting everything set up. I recommend that anyone experienc-ing well water problems give you a call and let you help them."

  • Dan Lewis, of Canyon Lake, Texas , Dan Lewis Construction

    We installed your Care Free Iron Removal system in a customer's home. She had been plagued with rusty water and stained household fixtures. Within two days the water cleared up and the stains stopped forming. She was very happy to say the least! After more than a year of service the unit has operated problem free and that makes us very happy....No problems...No call backs! Thanks for your fast shipping and customer service."

  • Ray Hester of Brenham, Texas

    “We installed your Sulfur Removal System and we are extremely pleased! There were significant sulfur odors in our home which are now completely gone. Thanks!”

  • Mr. & Mrs. Doug Burdick of Charlotte, Texas

    “We bought and installed your Iron/Sulfur Eliminator and the same week it was installed I noticed the water did not have any smell to it, our Garden no longer had plants with brown leaves, and most of all I am not embarrassed about our bathrooms since there are No More Orange Stains. As a matter of fact, the water now tastes far better than the Charlotte City water. I strongly believe that every homeowner in the City or out on the farm should buy your products and purify their drinking water. I am so glad we did! Thank

  • Greg Ryan, of Marble Falls, , Texas , Ryan Homes, Inc.

    "May I say your system is one of great quality. I have had your Care Free Water system installed for years now and have not had a bit of problems. When you own a quality water system like yours you tend to forget about it - as your company states Care Free-no headaches. I have had several of my customers install your system, and have not had a single call from any of them with any problems. I will continue to recommend your products to my customers and friends. As your company name says -you have Care Free products!"

  • Gail Munson of Nash, Texas

    "We are pleased with your Care Free components (Care Free Water Conditioner –Sulfur Remover - Big Blue filter system). Our water was very brown and often smelled. We also added a Reverse Osmosis filtering system. We now have wonderful bathing, washing and drinking water, thanks to your quality products."

  • Jeff Hsu of Sugarland, Texas

    "Since we installed your Care Free Water Conditioner and Sulfur remover system it has really changed our life. We can enjoy water any time we want to. Before we would have to run our water about 30 minutes before we could use it. Thank you for your great products."

  • John H. Altus of Celina, Texas

    "Some time ago I purchased your Care Free Water Conditioner and installed it on my water well. Prior to this purchase, my salty water would burn the leaves on my plants to a point that I could not use the water. This past fall I planted winter rye grass in the front and back of my new home. After installation of my Care Free Water Conditioner, I watered the grass in my back yard with the Care Free conditioned well water. The front yard was watered with the rural co-op water. As of this date both the front yard and back yard grass are in very good shape. Your conditioner must do the job because the back yard rye grass looks very good."

  • Paul Sherrill of Driftwood, Texas

    "I purchased a Sulfur and Iron Remover and a Care Free Water Conditioner from Care Free Products of Arkansas the last part of 2001. I must say that I was really not sure that these things worked. I called several references and they all said that they did, so I sent my money and installed the equipment and YES, it does work. We have no more Iron or Sulfur smell and our water is soft. I recommend Care Free Products of Arkansas and am glad I found their products.” Paul Sherrill

  • Forest D. Pesch of Goldthwaite, , Texas

    "When we ordered your Care Free Sulfur Remover we were sort of skeptical that anything that simple would clean up the odor in our water. Not only was the rotten egg odor offensive while drinking the water but also it standing in the commodes and sink traps created an odor in the house. If the house was closed for a few days when you entered the odor would almost knock you down until you flushed everything and opened the doors for a while. I did not install the system myself but had a plumber to do so. He was also skeptical as he was working with it. After he got it installed and working he let the water run while he was cleaning up and by the time he was ready to leave we could notice the difference in the taste and smell of the water coming from the taps. It took a little longer for the hot water tank to cycle out the old water but by the next day it was also clear. After two years of service it is still working great. Our plumber still asks about it! A by-product is that when the sys¬tem is going through its cleaning cycle we run the discharged water into the flower bed beside the porch. So we know that everything in that bed is watered every other day. If your system ever goes bad I am sure I will be ordering another one."

  • HARD WATER of , Texas


  • A. G. Beyer of Weimar, , Texas

    "Several months ago a friend told me of your Sulfur Remover that he had installed. I ordered this unit because of the sulfur smell in my water. After the past couple of months I am completely satisfied that the smell is gone. I would gladly advise anyone that this is the only way to go."

  • James & Shirley Dutton of Falcon Heights, Texas

    "We built a new home in a rural area and had to have a well drilled as we did not have access to a public water system. After having the water tested, we learned the water was unsuitable for use. We were stumped as to how we could have a safe water supply. Our problem was solved after replying to your ad and installing your Sulfur Remover, Sterilight UV and your recommended ROKIT reverse osmosis systems. We now have peace of mind after having our water re-tested. The results showed that our water is now safe for use. Thank you for making your products available to folks like us who live in rural areas."

  • James C. Moore of George West, Texas

    "I would like to take this opportunity to let you and everyone else know how I feel about your products (Care Free Water Conditioner and Sulfur and Iron Removal System). When I ordered your products I figured as usual it would take forever to receive them, boy was I wrong! The installation was as easy as you said it would be. After read-ing all the paperwork, I figured it would take about 24 hours to get results. Again, I was wrong. Within four (4) hours after installation, all my rotten egg smell, rust and everything was gone and I was drinking good, clean water! Thanks,"

  • Arthur Smith of San Benito, Texas

    "I purchased your Sulfur Remover because the water from my well had acquired a very strong odor. At first I was skeptical, but a few days after I installed the unit the smell started to go away. After about a week it was completely gone and it hasn't returned. The unit has been trouble free. I can highly recommend your unit to any¬one with a similar problem."

  • David & Viola Johnston of Marble Falls, , Texas

    "Since installing your Care Free Water Conditioner our water is not as cloudy and we have not noticed any mineral buildup on our faucets."

  • Bob & Carolyn Watson of Wharton, Texas

    "We installed your Care Free Water Conditioner on our water well to eliminate hardness and calcium deposits. We have noticed that the interior fixtures do not have a hardness buildup, and there is less water spotting. The plants in the garden appear to be healthier than they were the year before we installed your product. We are very satisfied with this prod-uct and would recommend it to everyone."

  • Gil & Emilia Resendez of Orange Grove, Texas

    "We are happy with your Care Free Water Conditioner. We were getting water from town because our water had lots of sodium or salt and now we can drink it! We don't have to get water anymore from town. We are very satisfied with your product."

  • Doyle & Carla Klement of Muenster, Texas

    "We recently moved from a home that had excellent water only to find that we had very hard water at our new home. We had a choice of putting up with hard water or installing a softener that would put salt in our water. Then I read about Care Free Products of Arkansas. We installed a Care Free Water Conditioner and could tell a difference almost immediately. Not only did we have better tasting water and ice cubes, but we no longer had rust stains in our plumbing fixtures. We also don't have to shell out $30 a month for someone to service a water softener. You have a great product!"

  • Henry & Marcella Swearingen of Jasper, Texas

    We highly recommend the Care Free Sulfur and Iron Filter to everyone. Our water was full of sulfur and the smell was so bad that we could hardly brush our teeth. What was worse, bad morning breath or the water?...the Water! We had Culligan for several years and thought that we had pretty good water, but since we installed your Sulfur and Iron Filter and your Big Blue filter system there is a world of difference. We never knew our water could be so good. It is so sweet tasting! Our clothes are getting brighter with each wash and our bath water is crystal clear and it now has no sulfur odor at all. We are very happy we purchased your products." Henry & Marcella Swearingen

  • Harold W. Lott of Goldthwaite, Texas

    "We are very pleased with the results of your Care Free Water Conditioner and Sterilight UV Systems. Have had no problems since we installed them. Thanks for a good product."

  • W. R. Bundrick, Sr. of Cleveland, Texas

    "I am well pleased with my filter system (Care Free Water Conditioner and Sulfur Remover) that I installed in our home. It eliminated all the odor and stain in our sink, shower and commodes. We can now drink the water out of the tap which I could never do before, plus I don't have a salt tank to tend to any more. I couldn't be any happier with your units that were so easy to install. Thank you very much." W. R. Bundrick, Sr. [Mr. Bundrick’s son later also bought an Iron and Sulfur Removal System]

  • Greg Ryan of Marble Falls, Texas , Ryan Homes, Inc

    Your water system is one of great quality! I have your Care Free Water Conditioner, and have had several of my customers install your system, and no one has every had a single problem! I will continue to recommend your products to my customers and friends.

  • Marcus & Joanne North of Victoria, , Texas

    "After seeing your advertisement in our Texas Co-Op Power magazine, I decided to convince my husband to try your product. We had battled with an old water softener for several years before finally disconnecting it. The purchase of salt and the inefficiency of the unit became a real burden and we were not convinced that it was working properly either. Of course, with no softening device, our water became very hard leaving discolored sinks, sediment in the ice trays, and brownish sediment in the pets water bowls. We had our Care Free unit installed by a local plumber since the former owner of this house had installed the old water softener himself, and the connections were full of gate valves and a hodge-podge of PVC pipe. Since our Care Free unit was installed I could not be more pleased. Once we got the old plumbing out and the lines flushed out, our water pressure has greatly increased. Now the ice is almost clear, the pets water bowl is clear, and the discoloration around the kitchen and bath sinks has been greatly reduced. I am so glad I saw your ad, and took a chance on your unit. It has been a pleasure seeing the improvement in our water since installing your Care Free Water Conditioner."

  • Bruce A. Bernard of Katy, , Texas

    "I don't make a habit of writing let¬ters like this, (I believe this may be the first letter of its kind) I did, however, want to let you know how impressed I am with your Sulfur System. I must admit that I was somewhat skeptical when I heard the performance claims of your product. My wife and I own a week¬end cabin in Columbus, Texas. The water had been so smelly that my wife and kids refused to shower there and didn't really like spending time there because of the horrid rot¬ten egg smell. I knew I had to do something. It was really more out of desperation than confidence that led me to order from you. After installing the system I was completely amazed as the smell simply vanished. I had expected (at most) a slight reduction in the smell. I was truly amazed that the smell is now completely non-existent. Now my whole family enjoys spending time at our week¬end retreat and neighbors that visit (and have the same water source) want to know all about your product. It is not often that I so readily endorse a product, but it is equally infrequent that I find a prod¬uct that works so well. Thanks for a quality product. I only wish I had known about it sooner."

  • Debbie Meyers of Devine, Texas

    "I purchased the Sulfur system and immediately installed it the next weekend. It has improved our well water tremendously. I am now able to brush my teeth without gagging. For the past five years I have been trying to find a product that would remove the odor without having to buy a storage tank. Your system has accomplished just that. I am more than glad to recommend your system to any¬body who might still have questions about your Sulfur system"

  • John & JoAnn Thill of Hico, , Texas

    "My husband and I were at our wits end with our smelly water. It also ruined bathroom fixtures. A friend showed us your ad in her Texas Co-Op Magazine & we decided we just had to try it since we had tried everything else we could think of. We bought an Iron/Sulfur System from you and I really can't believe what a difference it has made. It really and truly works! Thank you so much for your help."

  • Willard & LaDonna Schlittler of Bryson, Texas

    "We would like to say how much we appreciate your water purification system. We built a new home two years ago on land with an existing water well. The water was drinkable, but we had iron staining and rotten egg odor. We checked every avail-able system and found everything to be very expensive with no guarantee of its effectiveness. Your Iron & Sulfur Removal system did the trick. Thank you so much for your product and great customer service. We are very pleased with our fresh clean water. Thanks again."

  • Mike Tomecek of Leander, Texas

    "I have been totally satisfied with your Sulfur Remover since the first time I installed it. It did exactly what you said...it got rid of the odor. I am 100% happy."

  • Edna B. Clunn of Marble Falls, , Texas

    "I found your ad in the Electric Co-Op magazine serving this area. Your Sterilight UV System, Iron Remover & Care Free Conditioner] were installed by my¬self and a friend. I no longer have to apol¬ogize to my friends for salty water, & I no longer worry about the water's quality. Your equipment works beautifully & there is no bad taste to the water or salt release into the underground water nor to the surface water. I wish I had found your ad several years ago!"

  • Kelly S. Wheeler of DeBerry, Texas

    "My wife and I built our home and the water out of our well was unbearable-major problems from rotten egg smell, and a foul grayish color in the water. I bought a salt softener, but t did not help with the color or smell. The people at your company were friendly and helpful and I ordered a Sulfur Remover. When the unit arrived I was very skeptical but the unit was easy to install and it instantly cured all of our problems! Our water is clear, odorless and very tasty, just like bottled water. Thank you for making a quality product that lives up to its billing."

  • Richard E. Yates of Omaha, Texas

    "Your Iron Removal System is better than advertised. My well water was undrinkable. It could not be used for coffee or tea. After I followed the simple instructions included with your system the red color is gone from the water and it has no iron taste at all. I am especially pleased with the low maintenance of this system. Thank you for a superior product at a reasonable price."

  • Albert J. (Jerry) Moreau of Columbus, Texas

    "The water at my home had a smell that made bathing, washing dishes, and doing laundry an ordeal. Drink-ing this water or brushing one's teeth was out of the question. All of the equipment that I had found that was designed to handle this problem was huge, complicated, and required maintenance that I didn't want to be bothered with. I settled for a filter. I had to change the element every 3 weeks and it didn't do a very good job. I purchased the Sulfur Removal system out of desperation. It is doing a remarkable job. The water is "great", no "rotten egg" smell, and water can be taken directly from the tap for drinking, cooking, and making coffee. I am truly amazed. The fact that it is all automatic and requires no maintenance is truly remarkable. Thank you so much for your help."

  • Leon Jackson of Chico, Texas

    "My wife Norma and I are very satisfied with our Sterilight UV system. It seems to be doing everything that it is supposed to do."

  • Tim Szabo of Quinlan, , Texas

    "Since installing your Care Free water conditioner and Sulfur & Iron Removal system, the water quality from my well has improved steadily. The clarity of the water improved immediately and the scaling effects from the hard water elements are being reduced. Installation was simple. My wife made comments within days about the better feeling bath water and I feel the water has a non-tangling effect on my hair after shampooing. We are both pleased with the benefits."

  • Barbara and Sam Williams of Bells, Texas

    "My husband and I have always had trouble with the well water at our rental property. The house had a terrible rotten egg smell, and was so bad it was undrinkable. All the plumbing fixtures were stained orange, and the tenant's laundry was ruined. We tried everything...testing the water, in¬stalling salt water softeners, buying a new hot water heater, and even drilling a new well...nothing would make the smell go away! Then, my dad showed me your ad and since all else had failed, we decided to order your Sulfur Eliminator. I noticed the difference as soon as it was installed. The smell disappeared and I could actually drink the water! The stains on the fixtures have been greatly reduced. We are very pleased and I only wish I had known about your system-sooner, as we would have saved a great deal of time and money."

  • Monty Gillett of Columbus, Texas

    "As you know I installed the Iron & Sulfur Eliminator and every month shows new evidence of your system working for me. I studied your brochure carefully and gave the system a lot of thought before ordering it. I’m sure am glad I took the plunge! The smell is gone, the stains are gone, the taste is better too! The Model Iron & Sulfur Eliminator system worked for my rural situa-tion."

  • Daniel Joseph of Weatherford, , Texas

    "We live in Weatherford, Texas where the water has a lot of calcium (lime) in it and there is a fairly strong sulfur smell. We installed the Care Free water conditioner and within a month we noticed that when we cleaned the accumulated lime from our dish-washer, it did not come back. Of course, our shower heads and faucets no longer required monthly cleaning of the lime build up. We also installed the Sulfur Removal System about the same time. Although it took several months before we were completely rid of the sulfur smell, it was certainly worth the effort as we are completely rid of our Brittas and I get no more complaints about the smell or taste of the water. I would certainly recommend your products to anyone with calcium or sulfur problems."

  • David and Pattie Ratliff of Inez, Texas

    "It was refreshing to hear through our daughter-in-law that a friend had installed your Sulfur System because of sulfur in their water. We had been plagued with sulfur in our water for some time. We obtained a phone number for Care Free Products of Arkansas from her friend and called your office and received your brochures. We had checked on other ideas but decided to try yours. It was a simple instal¬lation and is truly "care free". We now have quality water in our home we can enjoy."

  • James Dees of Forestburg, Texas

    "I installed my Care Free System in November '98. After six months most of the scale in my pipes and watering system was gone. No more lime buildup in the dish-washer & hot water heater. It is a pleasure to shower with soft water once again. Before our Care Free system was installed we were resigned to the fact that "country - living" meant "hard water" & we would have to live with it. Your sys-tem does what you said it would.... The water tastes great with no more cloudiness in the bottom of the glass and our hedges and flowers seem healthier as well".

  • Keith A. Ivie of Paradise, Texas

    "We recently moved to the country after living in the city for 17 years. We had very bad smelling water and it stained everything it touched. We had the water tested by Culligan and they informed us that the water was "off the scale" in just about everything. My neighbors all have water softeners that require the use of salt. One of my coworkers told me about a water softener that measured only ten inches long and weighed only two pounds which he had attached to his water well pump and had no moving parts. I told him I didn't think we were talking about the same thing but he assured me that we were. I told him we also had smelly water and he said along with a water softener, you also had a system for eliminating the odor. I called and you recommended your Sulfur Eliminator for eliminating the odor. You tested my water and told me that I did not have an iron problem as the Culligan man stated so you saved me money and I thank you! I received your Care Free water conditioner softener in about five days and immediately installed it at the well pump. The whole job took about ten minutes. We could tell the difference in less than a week. Later we installed your five foot tall, Sulfur Remover and the odor was gone immediately. Now we have good water, use half the laundry soap and shampoo and our sinks and toilets don't have the stains that we used to have and we don't have to add salt or any other chemicals. Be prepared for more orders from Paradise, Texas! A very satisfied customer.”

  • H. Grayson Jordon of Fredericksburg, Texas

    "Yes, I was a little skeptical about your Sulfur Remover - although I was aware that oxidizing the water, somewhat, would cure the problem - I just didn't expect it to be quite this simple. I have waited quite awhile to make sure it was really working, and I now feel very pleased that it is. Our water wasn't terribly bad, but the hot water did get kind of embarrassing, especially if it wasn't used a lot - we got a little used to it but our visitors were not!! Thanks a million for a good mainte¬nance-free product. We're very pleased"

  • Sue & Charles Stalling of Harper, Texas

    “I wish we had installed our Care Free Conditioner sooner, the difference is Marvelous! All the mineral buildup disappeared around our faucets, and they’re eas¬ier to turn off & don’t drip. I was also impressed by your customer service person...she had the answers for us during the installation. Great Product!”

  • Mark & Lisa Barnett of Wimberley, , Texas

    "Prior to installing your Sulfur System, our well water had a terrible rotten-egg odor; especially the hot water. Since we installed your system we've had no more odor problems. I would also like to mention the easy installation of the system. Using only a couple of dollars of PVC fittings, I was able to install the system in about an hour's time. We are very pleased with your products."

  • John Lynch of Gatesville, Texas

    “I would highly recommend that anyone experiencing bad odor, bad taste, hard water , bacteria or any problems with their water to contact “Care Free Products of Arkansas.” We purchased a Care Free Catalytic Water Conditioner, Sulfur Remover, Sterilight Whole House UV System and Big Blue filter, and I was able to install everything myself in one afternoon. We noticed a difference right away. No more hard water problem, no more stinky water which was our biggest problem. When water smells bad, you will not only not drink it, but you have a hard time using it to shower or anything. Care Free can take care of all your water problems!”

  • Mark Barnett of Wimberley, Texas

    “I would like to mention the easy installation of the system. Using only a couple of dollars of PVC fittings, I was able to install the system in about an hour’s time!”

  • Clarence E. Minks of Azle, , Texas

    "The Iron and Sulfur Removal water system I purchased from your company is working great. My water had a terrible odor before I installed it, but now my water tastes and smells great. My wife and I are very pleased with your product and would recommend it to anyone with a well.

  • James Brown, Jr. of Dallas, Texas

    "For over 5 years I fought the problem of my sulfur rotten egg smell and iron staining my fixtures and clothes. Everyone locally wanted in the neighborhood of $4,000 to fix my problems with absolutely no guarantee. I saw your ad and received all of the information. After having my water tested, as you suggested, you recommended your Iron and Sulfur Removal System. It was easy to install and the results are truly amazing... no more rotten egg smell or iron staining! I can recommend your system to anyone who has an iron and sulfur problems without hesitation.

  • Louis W. Meyer of Livingston, Texas

    "Wish I had known about your clean and easy ways to remove sulfur, iron and manganese 15 years ago! After installing your Sulfur and Iron removal system, all the smell and stain from our well water vanished. The sulfur odor was gone from the cold water within a few hours and from the hot water within 2-3 days. It eliminated all iron build-up in our "washer" appliances, and our toilet tanks are once again clean. Additionally, the light grey color often seen in sink water, because of manganese, is no longer present! You have great uncomplicated products!"

  • Frank Ardoin of Inez, Texas

    "I really believe in your Care Free Catalytic Water Conditioner and I will continue to tell friends about it!"

  • Johnnie & Jenette Pedrotti of Bulverde, Texas

    "My wife and I were former users of a water softener. After setting up a drip system for our plants we were using 200-300 pounds of salt per month. We became concerned about health problems plus the fact that it was becoming very expensive. We saw your ad in our Co-op Paper on your Care Free Catalytic Water Conditioner and decided to try it. Right off we noticed a much better taste in our water. It took about a month for our soap to lather like it had with the water softener and in this short period of time our plants started looking green and lush. You have a very good product. We will be glad to pass on information to our neighbors and friends about it. Thank you."

  • Anthony Hermes of Victoria, Texas

    "I am writing this letter to tell you how our Care Free Water Conditioner has performed for us on our very hard water. We are on a community well water system. It did not take very long to see results. For the first time, we have soapsuds in the washing machine, the clothes feel softer, a dot of shampoo will lather up your hair, and the water is hotter and cleaner. We are very satisfied with your Care Free conditioner and recommend it to anyone fighting hard water. It definitely beats the alternative.... .drinking chemicals from salt water softener!” Anthony Hermes [Mr. Hermes has “spread the good word” about his Care Free Water Conditioner, and so far 8 of his friends, family & co-workers have also purchased one!]

  • Bonnie Beasley Office Manager, of Bowie, Texas , Campers Paradise

    "I wanted to drop you a line and let you know how pleased we are with the "Care Free Catalytic Water Conditioner." Before, we had a lot of complaints from our customers about the white calcium buildup in their coffee makers. Also, our coffee had a skim floating on top of it. Since installing the Care Free water conditioner, we've had no more problems. Thanks for the help."

  • Dave & Becky Derrick of La Grange, Texas

    “We have been using the Care Free Water Conditioner since October of 2006. Our water feels softer, and my wife has commented on how she can now wash her dishes and let them air dry and not have to worry about the hard water spots!”

  • Wendell Hansard of Centerville, Texas

    “Last year we retired and moved to the country. Soon we realized we had well water that was almost unusable because of the iron and the odor it permeated through the house. I contacted Care Free Products of Arkansas and after they analyzed our water sample, they determined what was needed. Since installing their recommended pH Neutralizer Tank for low pH and Iron & Sulfur Remover we immedi-ately noticed that the water had No More Odor, No More Greasy Film on the dishes & No More Brown Streaks on clothes, & the bath¬rooms stay Sparkling Clean! And it Tastes As Good As Bottled Water! Thanks for your Professional Service.”

  • Theo C. Svec of LaGrange, Texas

    "After several days of using my Care Free Water Conditioner, I noticed that the bath room fixtures are much easier to clean. The hard water spots just wipe off. The mineral build up on bath room and kitchen fixtures has stopped. the unit is working as advertised. Thanks for a great product"

  • Kathleen Winwright of Devine, Texas

    “Wow! What a difference your Sul¬fur Eliminator has made in my life! Instead of showering at my mom’s house, I shower at my own. I’m not embarrassed to have guests come and wash their hands in the sink. I can mop the floors without boiling the water first on my stove. Thank you so much for inventing & selling the this system. I no longer have water that smells like sulfur. Y’all are Great!”

  • Lucien Hines of Farmersville, Texas

    “Our water has a lot of Iron in it and your Iron System has Completely eliminated it! The Care Free Water Conditioner also does a great job. We are well pleased with our purchase from your Company. Thank you.”

  • Tom & Lisa Leverett of San Antonio, Texas

    “WOW, that is the best way to describe how I feel about the water filter system we recently purchased for our home! We built a beautiful 4,000 sq. ft. house in the hill country with only a well for water. For the last four years we have had a problem with the Iron in the water leaving deposits in the toilet bowl and bath¬tubs. Your Iron Removal System was like a dream come true. I wish I had seen your advertise-ment 4 years ago. Thanks again for helping us...your staff was Great.”

  • Jesse Paine of Whitney, Texas

    “My well water here has a Sodium Content of 1,080 PPM and it was killing my garden and St. Augustine grass & everything, until I bought the Care Free Water Conditioner. I have had the Care Free Conditioner in line for 5 years now & everything grows just Great! The original cost of my (285 ft. deep) well was close to $5,000 and I would have lost the whole thing without the Care Free Water Conditioner! I told 2 of my friends who plan to drill wells and they both want your unit. Thank you again.”

  • James Daniels of Georgetown, Texas

    Your Product, the Care Free Water Conditioner, and your Service, are OUTSTANDING. This is the best business I ever experienced- and I’m 79! I could not be more satisfied with the Care Free Water Conditioner, and I have let a lot of people know it. Now they also know about the great way you treat your customers! My next door neighbor is so impressed that he will be replacing his present water softener with yours as soon as he uses up the salt and whatever else his softener requires. I’m pretty sure there will be others from here doing the same thing in the near future. Thanks a million-there are not many companies around like yours!” James Daniels [In fact, 5 of his neighbors purchased a Care Free Water Conditioner that year]

  • Winona of Winona, Texas

    “I purchased your water system Iron and Sulfur Remover. I can’t begin to tell you about the changes it has made to my water! Before installing your system, I could not get my water to clear up. It had an Orange tint to it. Now, the water is clear – tastes Great! I am very happy with the Care Free Iron and Sulfur filter system. It’s been one of the Best Investments I have ever made!

  • Wayman & Goldie Keen of Rockdale, Texas

    “Our well water smelled horrible and the bathtubs, commodes and sinks all had the iron ring. Within twenty-four hours of installing your Sulfur and Iron Remover, the Rotten Egg smell went away. After thirty days the iron rings and stains became increasingly less and less, disappearing completely! Now with just normal cleaning, the sinks, tubs and basins are white again!”

  • George W. Cleland of Corrigan, Texas

    “Just to let you know that just three weeks after putting in my Sulfur & Iron Remover, and Care Free Water Conditioner at my place a few miles north of Corrigan, Texas, I have no more rotten egg smell, my toilet is white instead of black and most of the buildup on my faucets and shower heads are already gone. My water is now drinkable and potable, no more bottled water for cooking and drinking! I wish I had known about your Care Free Products fifteen years ago!! They just do what you say they will do. Thanks!”

  • M. Gordon Bullard of The Woodlands, Texas

    “Thanks for a great product! I installed the Sulfur remover all by myself, no professional help, and in 2 hours my water no longer had the “rotten egg” smell! I’ve had it for years now and it still works like new and I haven’t had to do a thing to it.Thanks for clearing up my sulfur problem with your product.”

  • C.T. Holland of Dallas, Texas , Holland Investment Co.

    “I purchased a Care Free Water Conditioner in 2004 from your firm. I am very pleased with the perform-ance of your product. I was impressed with your ability to properly size the unit and assuring me that it would work and was the correct size. My water was very hard and loaded with chlorine. It has softened my water and my appliances work much better. It is also a lot better on my skin as it has removed a lot of the Chlorine. I will be putting in a Big Blue Filter later to complete my installation. Thanks again for a product that is Trouble and Maintenance Free.”

  • L.D. & Doris Coleman of DeKalb, Texas

    “We purchased the Care Free Water Conditioner and Big Blue Filter system from you several months ago, and what a difference it has made in our water. We now can come home after being gone for several days and our water doesn’t have the “Rotten egg” smell that it used to have. How Wonderful!!!! It has also helped with the white water spots that we used to have when we washed the car. And it has also improved the taste of the water considerably. It now makes a good cup of coffee!! We have recommended this system to several people and have passed along your brochure for them to read. Thank you again for testing our water and recommending what we needed to clear up our problem...and also for being so nice to do business with. Keep up the good work!”

  • Richard Milano, of Montague County, Texas , Double R Ranch

    “Before I purchased your outstanding Sulfur Eliminator, our water had a very unpleasant odor (smelled like rotten eggs). I found your installation instructions very simple to follow and was able to install this product myself. My wife and I are extremely happy with the performance of this products and have already told numerous neighbors that have similar problems (smelly water) about your product and how well it works. Thank you for a great product.”

  • Allen Thomason & D. Marsh of Livingston, Texas

    “The Iron and Sulfur Removal water system we bought from Care Free Products of Arkansas has truly im-proved my water. There is no longer rust stains in my washer and dishwasher. I can fill my hot tub, and don’t have to drain it every two weeks. The hot tub filters remain clean, and I use hardly any chemicals. It was a chore every two weeks to drain and refill, but not anymore. We also purchased Care Free Water Conditioners. They have made a noticeable improvement. The coffee pots don’t have to be cleaned near as often, and the rings around the toilet have almost disappeared with just weekly cleaning. There of course is no “rotten egg smell” at ALL! That in itself is a Miracle, as we have contended with that for 7 years!!! Your products receive an A+ from US!!!”

  • Walt Black of Bryan, Texas

    “We installed your Iron Remover into our system in May of 2004 and it immediately cleared up the iron from our well. Prior to that time, our system had steadily become worse, bathroom fixtures reddish-yellow, sometimes the shower would spout yellow sludge for many seconds as some of the iron trapped in our pipes would turn it loose. My wife had received her laundry with big yellow spots ‘till she had to start using a Laundromat. Now she washes clothes at home, water is clear, bathroom is clear. Thank you for your kind and courteous help. I will recommend your system to anyone having trouble. May God Bless Your Company.”

  • Gladys Hermes of Yoakum, Texas

    “At first, I was very skeptical about the whole water system. But upon my son’s recommendation, I decided to purchase a Care Free Water Conditioner. I had previously owned a Sears water softener. Now, no more adding salt monthly, no maintenance and no more salty tasting water! My system is working great. I am very satisfied with this product.”

  • Herb Sperle of Alvin, Texas

    “When we purchased our property I knew the well water was hard. So I installed a Sears water softener. Due to the Salt in the water from that Sears softener, over a 4 year period we replaced 2 ice makers, a hot water heater, and the inside of the toilet tanks rusted and stained the porcelain. Since we purchased our Care Free Catalytic Water Conditioner we have no more salt in the system- no more maintenance- no more problems-Thanks for a great product.”

  • W.M. Hubbard of Flatonia, Texas

    “I’ll have to admit to more than a little skepticism about something that really looks more like a flash-light than a water treatment product. But my water is so bad and I had so little success with traditional treatment methods and was ready to get experimental. The water from my well would kill anything you watered with it, including cactus! Well, the Care Free Catalytic Water Conditioner worked just like you said it would. When I water, my plants don’t shrivel and die, I no longer have corrosion on the shower curtain rod and my water troughs are no longer rusting through. A galvanized water trough used to last about 6 months before Care Free. You folks have a product that does just what you said it would. Good Work. I really appreciate what you’re doing. Keep It Up. Thank you.”

  • Mary J. Howard of Decatur, Texas

    “Your Care Free Water Conditioner replaced a Culligan water softener which we had used for years. Our water had become undrinkable due to the amount of salt required to soften it! We went through many ice makers (2 in just over 6 months) & repairs to our washer & dish¬washer. We had lots of problems with hot water heaters also. When we lost 3 mature trees in the drain area of the softener, I knew some¬thing had to be done!! My husband was very skeptical of your product, and even I felt it sounded like the story of the “Em-peror’s New Clothes”. How could a product that simple actually work. The information packet with the unit said a hardness test would still show the water to have the same number of grains of hardness & we were baffled. However, the dishwasher is gradually coming clean, and so are the hard water deposits on the plumbing fixtures. We had a slight sulfur smell, which is gone, and our water is drinkable! Best of all to me is knowing that we are no longer subjecting our family & environ¬ment to the effects of the salt from our previous softener.”

  • Evan A. and Emma L. Strawn of Georgetown, Texas

    “The Care Free Water Conditioner was installed in our home to protect us against what we perceived as “hard water” problems. Our bathroom and sink fixtures are now clean and clear, and when we wash, our clothing comes out stain-free and easy to manage. We formerly had a “salt-type” conditioner, with all its expense of buying and loading salt, along with the worry of “maintenance”. Your product, however, has put all these things in the past. We are very pleased with your Care Free Water Conditioner & highly recommend it.”

  • Wesley N. Schulze of Canyon Lake, Texas

    “Your water products that I purchased and installed on our well (Care Free Catalytic Water Conditioner and Big Blue Whole House 5 micron sediment filter) have changed the taste of our water and made it much better. The lime content is controlled by the Care Free Catalytic Water Conditioner. Your products have proven to be just what we needed. Thank you!”

  • Paul D. Zigler of McKinney, Texas

    “We purchased the Care Free Water Conditioner for the well at our ranch property. The water was Very hard and ice cubes were like clouds and soaping up in the shower was a nightmare. Since installing your Care Free Conditioner we have better tasting water with less calcium and salt and showering is a dream. Thanks for developing this great product. We recommend your products to all our friends and neighbors.”

  • Wanda Bedenbaugh of Bedias, Texas

    “I read about your products in the magazine we receive from our elec-trical company each month. I found your advertisement and it said, “Does your water smell like rotten eggs?” Oh Wow, that was just what our well water smelled like! In addition we also had a problem with rust and iron stains. I called and spoke to one of your representatives who explained just how your products worked and how easy they were to install. I thought something this simple just can’t take care of all the problems that we have but decided to give them a try. It was one of the best decisions I have ever made! We purchased the Sulfur and Iron Remover. Within a few days we could tell a big difference. We have been enjoying the results and are very pleased with your products.”

  • Ada Felps of Kountze, Texas

    “We saw your ad in the local Texas electric co-op magazine, and decided to give your products a try. We had begun having problems with an awful “rotten egg” odor, but had always had terrible rust color stains in all our bathrooms and kitchen fixtures and washing machine. Your ad claimed to be able to alleviate all these problems, and while I was skeptical about it, I was willing to try anything to get rid of these problems. We ordered your Care Free Water Conditioner and Iron & Sulfur remover after calling and consulting with a technician at your office, and ordered over the phone. Then my husband was able to install it quite easily. I am very pleased to tell you that for once, what I was skeptical about truly worked! We couldn’t be more pleased with our Care Free water system now. What is so nice too is that by connecting at the pump, there is nothing in my way in the kitchen, and all the water is clean and clear-- -not just out of the kitchen faucet. Thank you so much for living up to your word! Believe me, I’m sharing the news with all my relatives and friends in the area!”

  • Steve Jorgensen of Paradise, Texas

    “We moved into our residence in 2003 and noticed right away that the sinks and toilets had a build up of staining and NO amount of scrub-bing would keep it off for very long. Also, our white clothing was not looking very bright, no matter how much bleach we used. I was very disappointed because we are on co-op water and I expected the water to be a little softer. I went on line and started looking for something affordable and I found your products on line and after much research I decided to purchase your Care Free Catalytic Water Conditioner. We had a plumber install it and it worked just as advertised! The Care Free Water Conditioner has totally eliminated our staining problem and even though we live in the country, I feel our water is as good or better now than in DFW. Thanks again for all your help.”

  • Frank and Linda Akins of Hempstead, Texas

    “We can’t tell you how much we are enjoying your product. It has made a world of difference. We still can’t believe the immediate and continued results from the Care Free Catalytic Water Conditioner. All the build up around our plumbing fixtures is gone, no more rings on the tubs, and the rings in the toilet bowls are gone. The previous residue in the dishwasher and on our dishes is gone also. It has made a tremendous difference in the quality of our well water. With Much Appreciation...”

  • Steven Coleman of Missouri City, Texas

    “I bought a Care Free Water Conditioner for my whole house water needs. The area where I live is known for having Extremely Hard Water! I waited a long time to fairly evaluate the Care Free unit since it takes time to see if hard deposits show up on bath fixtures. The first positive results I noticed was the toilets stayed cleaner longer. There are no hard water deposits that used to keep us scrubbing toilets with CLR every week. I have worked in home remodeling, and have actually seen plumbing lines completely clogged with hard water deposits. I feel much better knowing I won’t have to replace my plumbing for this reason. I am very pleased that I found out about your product.”

  • Chuck and Kathy Rittiman of Sinton, Texas

    “WOW! Our bathtubs, sinks and toilets were a dirty, hard to clean mess prior to purchasing your Sulfur Remover and Care Free Water Conditioner. All stay cleaner much longer and we are no longer embarrassed by the Rotten Egg smell when guests are visiting. Since the water is softer, less detergent is required for washing clothes. Thanks ever so much!

  • Danny J. Garcia of Aubrey, Texas

    “We had problems with iron and we tried other filters and water softening systems but that was too much work putting in salt and chlorine and they did not work very well. With your Iron Removal system there is no messing with it and the iron problem is gone. My wife and I are very happy with your Iron system. The rust stains are gone and our water tastes much better.”

  • Stan Zwerneman, President of Tomball, Texas , Custom Construction, Inc.

    “Thank you for your advice and helping me make an informed decision on purchasing and installing your Sulfur Remover. It’s doing its job and my client is very pleased after having to deal with the rotten egg smell for approximately 5 years. I would be happy to recommend your products and services to anyone. Thank you again.”

  • James & Dorothy Wedgeworth of Clayton, Texas

    “ ‘ Peace of Mind’ How wonderful to not be worried about water purity~ after drilling a new well we were most concerned about our loved ones drinking unsafe water, but no more, thanks to our Sterilight UV Disinfection System! We appreciate Care Free Products of Arkansas and would not hesitate using any of their products, should the need arise. Thanks again.”

  • Murphy & Lucille Bounds of Livingston, Texas

    “We purchased a Care Free Sulfur Remover and we are well pleased with it. We had sulfur before and your product has worked great for us. Thank you.”

  • Patrick & Vicki Schneider of Bastrop, Texas

    “We had been using an iron removal system from another vendor that seemed to work for only a few months. The water would still leave iron rings and have an iron taste. We had been looking for several months for a product that would solve this issue and not cost $5,000.00. We saw your Website and were very skeptical. The key seller was the warranty! We purchased your Iron removal product and installed it. Within a few days the water was clear and left no rings nor did it have any iron taste. We were very happy..We’re happy to say is works well!! Another great benefit is the low maintenance and long lasting components. Anyone who has bad water can certainly agree with that. Thank you!”

  • Jessica Hartley of Madisonville, Texas

    “I purchased the Sulfur & Iron Remover, and the Care Free Water Conditioner unit & I am very pleased with these products. My sulfur smell and taste is completely eliminated! We can now drink the water from the tap without gagging to death. My toilets look so much better and are so much easier to keep clean. However, I also have a slight scum buildup on my toilet so I’m thinking about purchasing the UV Sterilight to kill bacteria. I can honestly say it was worth every penny and I don’t think I could live without your system again. I wish I had found these products years ago! Thanks”

  • Tad and Jan Roberson of Muldoon, Texas

    “We installed your SandMaster Plus sand remover, Sulfur Remover and Care Free Water Conditioner & have had immediate results! No more foul odor and no more sand – the water coming out of our well is clear & odor free now. What a difference! We are very pleased with the results & will certainly recommend your products to family and friends who plan to install water well systems.”

  • Deb Shaffer of La Grange, Texas

    “We installed our Care Free Catalytic Water Conditioner and it works great! I can use less soap, our faucets are looking more shiny without the water spots. I’ll tell everyone to buy a Care Free Water Conditioner! – at a fraction of the size of a water softener!

  • Art & Julie Bachman of Midland, Texas

    “We bought your Iron/Sulfur Eliminator years ago for our lake house. The odor was terrible & the iron was fouling our traditional water softener. After installing your products the water is odor free & the softener is working beautifully. We were SO pleased that we purchased your Care Free Water Conditioner also and are as pleased with it as the other products.”

  • J.T. Falke of Corpus Christi, Texas

    We have over 4,000 ppm of salt in our well water plus it is very hard! I had tried to grow a garden with drip irrigation in past years but nothing ever grew and everything was “burned” with salt. After installing the Care Free Water Conditioner, my large garden is growing GREAT this year!! I can grow anything... tomatoes, bell peppers, water¬melon, squash, cucumbers and no more salt leaf “burn”!! I couldn’t be happier!”

  • Dan & Josie Hughes of Rising Star, Texas

    “We would like to thank you for all the help you’ve given us with our hard water problems. We live in a rural area and the water from our well tested “OFF THE CHARTS” in both hardness and dissolved salts. Our previous experience with a traditional salt water softener was not satisfactory. We researched the equipment offered by your company, and after having our water tested and consulting with your friendly staff, we purchased the stainless steel water conditioner model CF20MKII and the Aqua-Pure Hot Water Protection System. After installing the equipment we immediately saw an improve-ment in the quality of our drinking water, and the spotting on our kitchen and bathroom fixtures was also gone! We never imagined that this little stainless steel unit and scale inhibition cartridge for our hot water heater would make such a difference! We’re sold on this solution to our hard water problems! Thank you again, we would recommend your products to others without hesitation!”

  • Mr. Coleman of Fayetteville, Texas

    [Mr. Coleman had previously written about how happy his Mom was with her Care Free Conditioner and Iron, Sulfur & Manganese Removal System~ This time he writes about his own happy experiences with an identical system he bought for his own home] “We have a number of water problems with our well water. The high salinity, man-ganese, and sulfur content cre-ated an odor, build up and white frosting in the water and on the fixtures. I myself installed the Iron, Sulfur and Manganese Remover and the Care Free Water Condi-tioner to our house as well as an identical system on my mother’s home in the area. The results are instant. Clean, odor free water with NO added CHEMICALS OR SALT. The Care Free Conditioner actually began reversing the old salt build ups on the fixtures. I have to put it on my calendar to check the system from time to time, because of its “care free” nature. Oh, and don’t forget about the people at Care Free Products of Arkansas. Extremely friendly, easy going and very knowledgeable of water problems and their products. NO MORE BOTTLED WATER!”

  • Anthony Hermes of Victoria, Texas

    [Mr. Hermes is an engineer at Dow Chemical who has purchased Care Free Water Conditioners for himself and family over the years and his recommendations have also resulted in numerous Care Free Water Conditioner sales. Here he is comparing the latest Mark II models with one he purchased in 2002] “Thank you again for the new Model CF20MKII Care Free Conditioner. After over 4 months of service, I pulled and inspected it and it looked very clean. I am also happy to report that it performs as good or better than the old model conditioner. I am very happy that there should be no cleaning or maintenance with this new model, and I also believe that there is a slight decrease in pressure drop through the new conditioner. I endorse this product and will continue to do so to prospective buyers. Thank you again and God Bless.”

  • Bill & Fran McMullen of Brenham, Texas

    “We installed our Care Free Water Conditioner and Iron, Sulfur & Manganese Removal System over a weekend. The instructions were easy to follow and installation and set-up were easy. On our land with lines in every direction, it took a couple of days to flush all of our water lines, but the results are Amazing! Finally, we have crystal clear water and it tastes so good. We don’t buy bottled water anymore. Thank you Care Free.”

  • Shirley Waldo of Smithville, Texas

    Thank you for restoring our sanity and peace of mind. Now we really value our new good tasting, odor-free, stain and sediment-free, clear and uncolored drinkable water. No more bottled water for pets or people here! I wish more companies would follow your business model of knowledgeable, helpful and genuine customer service and quality products.”

  • Dana Spry of Burnet, Texas

    “The first time I used the shower after installing my Care Free Sulfur Removal System, I realized that there was no longer any odor coming from the water. As there had always been a very strong sulfur smell before, I was extremely pleased. Thank you Care Free!”

  • Bill Glover of Tioga, Texas

    “I saw your ad in Texas Co-op Power and decided to order the Sand Eliminator and CARB-X units. Boy, oh Boy, am I pleased! I installed them myself and must say that the customer service assistance by phone was excellent. It is operating beautifully. We no longer have the sulfur smell or the sand. It is especially nice to take a shower without the awful odor in the hot water. My wife appreciates the cleaner laundry and we can have a cool refreshing glass of iced tea made using our own well water. Thank you.”

  • Larry Zawadzke of Gause, Texas

    “We are very pleased with the results of your Care Free Water Conditioner and your Big Blue Filter System. We have had no more problems since we installed them. Thanks for a good product.”

  • Shirley Waldo of Smithville, Texas

    “We built our retirement home on an acreage and put in a 480 foot deep well. Our water smelled musky like rotten egg sulfur; tasted awful; stained and coated toilets, icemakers, sinks, dishes and appliances, tubs, the washer, the spa and pool, the external brick and concrete a red, black and/or yellow color; and discolored and faded clothes!! A competitor’s salt water conditioner & iron treatment system didn’t solve our problems. We installed your Iron, Sulfur & Manganese Removal System, and your Catalytic Conditioner and this solved our problems from DAY 1! Thank you for restoring our sanity and peace of mind. Now we really value our new good tasting, odor-free, stain and sediment-free, clear and uncolored drinkable water. No more bottled water for pets or people here! I wish more companies would follow your business model of knowledgeable, helpful and genuine customer service and quality products. Thank you.”

  • Rita & Bob Mikel of Boerne, Texas

    “Thank you again for your excellent products and service. We bought the Care Free Water Conditioner for hard water and the Sulfur Eliminator. We have recommended you to several people including real estate agents who sell properties here with the same type of water problems we had. Feel free to give people our phone number if they want to talk to someone using your products in this area.

  • Scott Coleman of Fayetteville, Texas

    “I installed your Care Free Catalytic Water Conditioner and Sulfur Removal System at my mother’s home and she is very happy with the results. We had to have 2 separate types of filters on the old sulfur system, which only gave us good water for a few weeks, and it took away all our water flow. Now for the next “water odor” problem. There actually IS a skunk under the pumphouse now...Does Care Free do skunk removal, or just the smell? HaHa. Cheers, (toasting with a glass of clean water, in a glass without spots) “ting!”

  • John Potter of Big Sandy, Texas

    “I purchased your Iron and Sulfur Removal System. After 24 hours the system is working great. We do not foresee any problems in the future. The water seems to be treated properly. Thank you.”

  • Clyde & Sheila Johnson of Lexington, Texas

    “We would like to tell you how thrilled we are with our Care Free Water Conditioning Sulfur Removal System! Your instructions were very specific and you were very helpful when we called on the phone to ask questions before installing our System. You have a very helpful and knowledge-able staff. As soon as we installed the System, the water was clear and the smell was gone. What a difference that made. It is so nice to come into our home and turn on the water and not have the sulfur or sewer smell! We will definitely recommend your Care Free Water Conditioning System. Thanks to all Care Free Employees.”

  • Rev. Greg Korenek of Victoria, Texas

    “A new rectory construction project was under-taken at Holy Family Catholic Church, and instead of installing a traditional salt water softener, the Care Free Water Conditioner was recommended as an option (by Anthony Hermes, an Engineer in Victoria). After looking into it, the decision was made to do this. The fact that there is hardly any maintenance, and no salt involved, was a positive. We are happy to have found out about this product. It has met the need for which we decided to purchase it.” Rev. Greg Korenek

  • Lisa J. Dover of Centerville, Texas

    “I DID IT ALL BY MYSELF! I installed your Iron Removal system with no help at all! Your instructions were precise and easy to understand. If a person knows how to read, they can install your products too. When we had our well dug, we knew we would have an iron problem. We could not afford to dig a deeper well because of being on a fixed income. Your Iron Eliminator saved us almost $7,000 and our iron problem is gone! Thank you for solving our water problems. P.S. Our home phone and septic system is still not installed yet...Wish everyone was as prompt as you are.”

  • Rusty & Barbara Comstock of Victoria, Texas

    “After purchasing a home in the Vic-toria area, we found the well water to be heavy with Sulfur. My wife no-ticed a small ad in the Victoria Elec-tric Co-op newsletter, and checked the web site for information, then called for the info. After receiving the informa-tion package, I saw the testimonials. Being somewhat skeptical, I made a few phone calls to people in our area. The first response I got told me “trust me, buy it!” A couple calls later getting the same basic response, we ordered a Care Free Sulfur unit as well as a Care Free Water Conditioner. I set the units up myself on a Saturday, using standard available pieces and a little work on the plumbing at my well, something it needed anyway, and was up and running that evening. After getting the Sulfur unit primed and backflushed as per the instructions, I went into the house and turned on the kitchen sink. As usual, the smell was fairly strong, but after just a minute, the smell dis-appeared! I took a glass of water and could actually stand to drink it straight from the tap. The ice no longer ruins the taste of a drink, and my father in law says his apple juice now tastes like apple juice. The water conditioner has helped as well, the washing machine actually makes suds now even with reduced soap amounts. Thank you.”

  • Bill Bundrick, Jr. of Cleveland, Texas

    “The Iron & Sulfur Removal System is simply amazing! 100% Improvement Overnight! I have dealt with a salt system for 12 years on my well water with the results just getting worse with time. I even added whole house filters on both sides of the salt system. The water was soft, but full of “rotten egg smell” and red rings on everything. Over the years I have probably spent enough on softener salt and whole house filter elements to have bought 2 of your Iron & Sulfur Systems I have now. And it all cleared up overnight. Wal-Mart will be unhappy that their best whole house filter buyer has left! My renter shares my well and she was so happy with the “new” water, she filled her bathtub and took a picture of it! My grandchildren think they are taking a bath in a swimming pool. They can actually see their feet! It’s just about the Best Investment I’ve made for my house! Thank you.”

  • Linda Tate of Dayton, Texas

    “We are so pleased with our Care Free water system. A few Minutes after installing our Iron and Sulfur Eliminator and CF12-SS Care Free Water Conditioner, the smell of rotten eggs was gone. I was amazed it worked so fast and so well! Our water was very hard, and now my clothes are starting to return to white from the dingy yellow gray that they were. The stains are starting to clear out of my dishwasher, and now my dishes come out clean. I have been telling everyone how great my water is now, instead of an embarrassment when someone came in and needed to wash their hands and that smell filled the house. I have several people who have asked for information on where I got my great system. It’s the only one I have found that would do all that I needed—getting rid of the smell & iron, soften the water & Not Kill my plants with Salt! Thanks for such great products.”

  • Don and Chris Jones & Charles Segler of Helotes, Texas

    “Imagine our shock and dismay when after the Zumwalt Mulch Pile fire in Helotes, TX was extinguished our private well turned up positive for both E.coli and total Coliform Bacteria! After several requests to have the county or state assist us we realized we were on our own and started researching UV Disinfection systems. After finding several in the $2,000 to $3,000 plus range we were pleased to find the Care Free Products of Arkansas with the same system for less than $1,000! After talking with their knowledgeable and readily available staff we ordered the Sterilight UV Disinfection System and received it promptly. Our well man installed the system quickly and when we had the well water re-tested all contaminants were gone and we had our well back! Thank you Care Free Products of Arkansas!”

  • Larry and Neva Floyd of George West, Texas

    “We purchased your Care Free Sulfur Remover and it has been wonderful! Our water smelled like horrible rotten eggs. It was getting so bad we felt like we smelled bad when we were getting out of the shower. When we went of town then came home, a week later, we could smell our water right away. Thanks to your product our water no longer smells. It worked immediately after being installed and the installation was very easy. Thank you very much for making our home smell livable. Your product is working great for us. We would recommend it to anyone. Thanks Again.”

  • Bill Jones of Winnsboro, Texas

    “I purchased your Iron Remover from you & I can’t express enough how Great it is not to be scrubbing rust and hard water stains off my sinks, tub & toilet! 24 hours after installing the Iron Remover the water was a lot better tasting, and after 2 weeks it was perfect tasting. After 30 days the iron rings and stains became increasingly less and less until they were all gone and everything is all white again and stays that way with normal cleaning. Thanks very much for the system and I would not take anything for it!” P.S. We can wash our clothes now without them looking yellow.”

  • J.L. Smith of Goldthwaite, Texas

    “After living in the city all of my adult life, I finally retired and bought some retirement property in rural Texas. The house, being in the country, naturally had a water well with no filter system. There was calcium build up on faucets and shower heads, floating particles in drinking glasses with sediment in the bottom, and a slight odor to it. We were forced to use bottled water for drinking and cooking. I saw your ad and after review, I ordered a Care Free Catalytic Water Conditioner and Sterilight whole-house UV Water Sterilizer System. Let me say, it’s one of the Better Investments I ever made! In less than a week after all the lines cleared, the water was crystal clear with no sediment or odor, and tastes great. It was truly a Godsend. Thank you Care Free Products for a great system.”

  • E. Haynes of Boyd, Texas

    “We purchased the Sulfur Eliminator and the sulfur smell was gone within a couple of Hours! The buildup of sulfur in showers & commodes stopped & now they stay white. It’s Great to get ice cubes out of the Refrig and not have them smell like rotten eggs! Thanks”

  • Lisa Dover of Centerville, Texas

    “ Your Iron Eliminator saved us almost $7,000. and our iron problem is GONE!”

  • Robert & Lois Shmidl of Dripping Springs, Texas

    “We are very pleased with our new 3/4” Care Free Water Conditioner and Iron and Sulfur Remover System. We had a 370’ well which had very hard water and some iron and sulfur before the well ran dry. In our new well of 650’ the water is just as hard but had a terrible sulfur odor and would turn black at times. After installing our new Care Free Conditioner and Iron and Sulfur Removal unit, the water was free of any odor or bad taste! Our 5,000 gallon fish pond had a problem also with string algae which disappeared after a month! This was without changing the water but with adding the make up water. The pond water is also very clear.”

  • Larry Zawadzki of Gause, Texas

    “We are very pleased with the results of our Care Free Water Conditioner and Big Blue filter system! Thanks for such good products.”

  • Rita Mikel of Boerne, Texas

    “Thank you again for your Excel¬lent Products and Service! Since purchasing your Care Free Catalytic Water Conditioner and Sulfur Eliminator, we have recommended you to several people including real estate agents (who see properties here with the same type of water problems.) Best Wishes for your continued success”

  • Lisa J. Dover of Centerville, Texas

    “I DID IT ALL BY MYSELF!! I installed the Care Free Iron Eliminator with no help at all. Your instructions were precise and easy to understand. If a person knows how to read, they can install your products, too. When we had our well dug, we knew we would have an Iron problem. We could not afford to dig a deeper well because my husband is on a fixed income. The Care Free Iron Elimina-tor saved us almost $7,000 and our iron problem is gone! Thank you for solving our problems.”

  • Fran & Bill McMullen of Brenham, Texas

    “We installed our Care Free Water Conditioner and Iron, Sulfur and Manganese removal system over a weekend. The instructions were easy to follow and installation and set-up were easy. On our acre of land with lines in every direction, it took a couple of days to flush all of our water lines. The results were Amazing! Finally, we have crystal clear water and it tastes so good. We don’t have to buy bottled water anymore. Thank you Care Free!”

  • Bill Bundrick, Jr. of Cleveland, Texas

    “Over the years, I have probably spent enough on softener salt & whole house filters to have bought 2 of the Care Free Iron & Sulfur Removal Systems I have now...And the Care Free System cleared it all up overnight! Wal-Mart will be unhappy that their best filter buyer has left!”

  • Marianne Bradley of White Oak, Texas

    “How do you thank someone who improved the Quality of our Lives? For over 20 years, we have struggled with lots and lots of Iron Water. For those who don’t know about Iron, let me explain. EVERYTHING TURNS RED. Your skin, your hair, your nails and don’t even think about what it probably does to your insides. Iron ruins clothes, ruins appliances. We have had washing machines ruined because of iron. I washed our black clothes in our water to save money and it was like we were in mourning because we all wore black! I guess in a way, we were in mourning. CARE FREE has freed my family of 11 from darkness. We can have white sheets, white shirts and I can wash at home. I calculated that I spent an average of 10 hours a week out of the house doing laundry, (and more than $63 a week at the laundromat and for harsh chemicals) and that did not include the money for gas and my time.... There is now NO sign of Iron in our water anywhere...and the water is Delicious! My Husband and I will give our word that this Care Free system works. I called around 10 people (Care Free Iron remover customers) and everyone was happy. If you are suffering with water problems this may be an an¬swer for you. It was for us. We pray and give thanks to God and Care Free every day. We are overcome with joy.”

  • Tom White of Smithville, Texas

    “I purchased the Care Free Water Conditioner CF34SS and the Sterilight S12Q UV Disinfection System with the Big Blue filter adding to our existing Iron & Sulfur removal system, and I am quite pleased with ALL of the products! We now have soft water without the expense and hassle of buying or hauling bags of salt. The Sterilight UV Unit handles the bacteria and the Big Blue whole house Filter has removed all of the sediment. The cost of the Care Free Products was about Half of what it would have cost to connect to the water company and by being able to use our existing well we have good water without the monthly water bill! I would highly recommend Care Free Products.”

  • Vincent Weidner of Ponder, Texas

    “After purchasing your Sulfur Eliminator I did not immediately get it connected to my well...we had gotten somewhat used to living with the foul smell and taste of our water coming out of faucets in the house and making ice with water trays instead of the ice maker... I waited too long! After connecting it to the water line, the bad smell and taste we had been experiencing disappeared! I should not have waited one day in getting your system installed because the difference in our water is REMARKABLE! I have recommended this product to friends of ours that have the same problem with “rotten egg” smell. I hope they consider your product and take care of their problem too. Thanks for providing this great product.”