Waterproblems By State

  • Ruby Hennessee of Sparta, Tennessee

    "Since I received my Care Free Water Conditioner my bath tub and other fixtures are easier to clean".

  • Charles Dublin of Union City, Tennessee

    "I can’t tell you how impressed I am with your Iron and Sulfur System. It started working at cleaning the rotten egg sulfur the next day. The iron filter has cleaned my water so I have been able to have white bathrooms! If everything was as dependable as this system this would be a better world."

  • Kenneth R. Hounshell of Deer Lodge, Tennessee

    "We purchased your Care Free Sul¬fur & Iron Removal system and are very happy with the results. Our water went from smelly and brown to clear and odor free. "

  • Johnny & Leona Knight of Ashland City, Tennessee

    "We would like to take the time out of our busy schedule to say thanks Care Free, our sulfur water doesn't smell any more! We are very pleased. Thank you so much."

  • Seandra D. Henry-Wade of Dover, Tennessee

    “I purchased a Care Free Water Conditioner, Sterilight UV Disinfec-tion System, Iron Remover and Big Blue filter from Care Free Products in 2003, and I have thoroughly enjoyed my water ever since! Prior to ordering my Care Free equipment I had well water that reeked of contaminants. The water, which was hard & also contained bacteria, iron and a trace of sulfur, often emanated a metallic odor, which would cause my family and me to have headaches. To drink the water was unheard of. As soon as the installation of the Care Free equip-ment was complete, the appear¬ance, taste and odor of the water changed immediately, and the water is drinkable! Thanks Care Free.”