Waterproblems By State

  • Donald & Margaret Ogg of Greenfield, Ohio

    " We saw your ad and my family thought it might be a 'rip-off'! I called and was sent all the information about what your products would do for water. I ordered your Sulfur remover, Care Free Conditioner and UV system. It's installed now and everyone is astonished at how well the water tastes, & now we can do laundry with no more rotten egg smell. Believe me people, it does work!"

  • Mr. & Mrs. Thomas of Dayton, Ohio

    “I had so much sand in my water it was clogging my faucets, toilets and appliances. My well driller said I would have to drill a new well but would not guarantee I wouldn’t have sand again. I saw your ad in Handyman magazine, read your informative literature and thought “What have I got to lose with your Money Back Guarantee?” I ordered your SandMaster Plus sand remover and just as you claimed- It Got the Sand Out! Thanks for a great product.”

  • Linda Mast of Wooster, Ohio

    “I have had a Care Free High Performance Stainless Steel Water Conditioner installed in my home since 2006 having had hardness of 21 Grains Per Gallon. This takes care my problem, and the faucets and drains still work like new. I use less soap in laundry, dishes and showers. I am pleased with your product.”

  • Greg & Lisa Owens of Rayland, Ohio

    Rayland, Ohio “When we bought our house in 2002, we were looking for a place with well water, but after finding a house we liked we compromised and took city water...thinking city water might be better. We gradually noticed something was different in this water than any¬where else we’ve lived. I’ve had hard water all my life, but something in this water here started affecting my skin and hair...the water was very hard, had lots of minerals and of course was Very Chlorinated! I bought shower filters and they helped a lot for a while. Then in the Spring of 2006, the water got worse and it started smelling of chlorine so bad it could knock you out at times. I started getting rashes on my hands...I think I’m now allergic to chlorine. We got sick & tired of our water so seriously started looking for some type of whole house system. I wasn’t crazy about the idea of salt water softeners, adding salt to the water and the slimy feel you get. My husband saw your ad in Handyman magazine and after researching how catalytic water conditioners work, we decided to give it a try. We purchased a Care Free Water Conditioner CF12ss and Big Blue commercial quality filter systems with a 5 micron and activated carbon filters, and we could Immediately tell a difference in the water...it looked cleaner coming out of the faucet, and we noticed soaps were lathering up easier. Everything I cleaned was taking less effort, the shower doors weren’t getting as many water spots, and the toilet tank was staying clean. Our white clothes, which I could never get white be¬fore, started getting brighter! And the few spots that were still on the shower doors wiped off easily, like a soft powder. As others have said, it does take a little while for the full effects to be seen...once the pipes start clearing of old build-up, you’ll really notice more of a difference. Our hot water tank was so horribly clogged at the bottom we could never drain it...we’d been trying since we first moved here, but all we ever got was a slow trickle of water...The heating elements still work, but we were convinced there was no hope for ever being able to drain it, and planned on getting a new hot water tank. Then, only a month after installing the Care Free Water Conditioner, a miracle happened! I opened the hot water tank valve and put a pipe cleaner in it where the hole is and all this “stuff” came squirting out! It was softening up! I hooked a hose up and collected a whole dishpan full of sludge, and then the water came pouring out! I still can’t believe we can actually drain this tank now! You Care Free Conditioner really works! We’ve been telling others about our new adventures with this water conditioner...Thank you for a great product!”