Waterproblems By State

  • Vincent Cannizzaro of Stone Ridge, New-york

    "I am very well pleased with the iron/sulfur system. The unit has performed just like you said it would. My dishwasher, toilet, kitchen sink, bath & shower are all free from iron stains and the water hasn't that terrible odor. It is drinkable also. I would recommend this system to anyone with water problems. Thank you so very much."

  • Philip Rondinelli of Cream Ridge, , New-york

    “Our health means a lot to our family and we do as much as possible to stay that way. With the results of our new home’s water test we were pleased with the acceptable levels, however a Sulfur “Rotten Egg” smell started after a couple of months. Then it got stronger. Something had to be done! After a great deal of research and consideration of the conventional cartridge filter products available we decided to take a chance on something that seemed too good to be true,the Care Free Sulfur System. We received the Sulfur System and I must admit I was skeptical of it’s simplicity. Immediately after installing the System the “Rotten Egg” smell vanished, and our water was healthy again. It was Amazing and the best part is that it’s care¬free, I’ll never change a costly filter. Thank you for the effective alterna-tive solution to the “pay for the rest of your life” cartridge systems.”

  • Charlie & Maribeth Wolz of East Berne, New-york

    “We just wanted to let you know how happy we are with our water filter system we purchased from Care Free Products of Arkansas. Our water quality is much better. Before we bought your system we wouldn’t drink the water from our faucet due to the fact we had a water softener (salt). Now we drink the water right from the tap, which tastes great I might add, and the best thing is no more water softener and no more buying salt!! Your staff is very knowledgeable, and they were extremely helpful with any and all questions we had. We also appreciate the fact that you didn’t try to sell us more of a system than we needed. Thank you again.”

  • Mae Howitt of Corning, New-york

    “We purchased our house in 1970 and have struggled with a disgusting sulfur smell until the summer of 2005 when we invested in your Care Free Water Products. We bought a Sulfur system and we no longer have to apologize to overnight guests about the smell of our water. After 35 years of smelly showers it is now a pleasure to wash up. We only wish we had invested several years ago. Thank you Care Free.”

  • Eric Schram of Weedsport, New-york

    “When we moved into our house, we had extremely hard water. Even after installing a (salt) water soften-ing system, the water was full of iron & smelled very bad. We had such bad rust on our toilets and bathroom sinks, that we had to replace them. When the new fixtures started showing signs of rust stains, we knew we had to do something. Then, we saw an ad for your products. We purchased your Iron Eliminator. Within a short time, the smell was gone & the iron is now minimal...we would definitely recommend your products to others in need.”

  • Mae Howitt of Corning, New-york

    After 35 years of smelly showers it is now a pleasure to wash up. We only wish we had invested in your Sulfur Remover years ago!

  • Vincent Steddar of New York, New-york

    “Our water had very high levels of Bacteria, dirt, and other horrible contaminants and tasted terrible!! After installing our S12Q Sterilight UV system & Big Blue filters the lab told us it was the best water they had ever tested! No more bacteria or contaminants and it tastes great. We Love our water now & will save a small fortune because we won’t have to by bottled water again. Thanks for this high quality product.”

  • Carol Bailey of Kingston, New-york

    “We have an old house outside of Kingston, NY. The well water has always been hard and over the past several years we have had to replace 3 toilets due to calcium deposits so thick and rough that sewage couldn’t pass! We had large sand-like particles clogging the sinks and shower faucet filters bringing the water flow to a trickle and forcing water out of the side of the faucet head. Since installing the Care Free Water Conditioner 4 months ago, our water is running without clogging. Many thanks to your technology and quick, informative, courteous service.