Waterproblems By State

  • Fred & Vera Fund, Owners of Artesia, New-mexico , Sun Country Garden Center

    Our salty well water was killing our plugs so we ordered a Care Free Water Conditioner and installed it immediately. All of our plants that got conditioned water have looked good from the start. We are extremely happy with the Care Free Conditioner!

    Plant Problems, Irrigation, Salty Water

  • Richleigh Heagh of Corrales, New-mexico

    "I was about to purchase an expensive RO system (nearly $6,000) when I found your ad. What caught my attention was its low environmental impact, no salts leaching into the soil, etc. I purchased your Iron & Sulfur Removal system, Care Free Water Conditioner, Big Blue Carbon filter & Sterilight UV System. When I got it installed it worked great. Whenever the topic of water softeners/filters comes up I always take the opportunity to brag about the state of the art system I installed from you."

  • M. L. & Carol A. Olson of Rio Rancho, , New-mexico

    "Our move to the high desert region of New Mexico prompted us to look for a water conditioning system that used less water that a salt exchange conditioner. We have been very satisfied with your Care Free sys¬tem. Our Care Free Conditioner has performed as advertised. We have also been pleased with the service and advice you have provided us."

  • Rhonda Davis of Artesia, , New-mexico

    "The Care Free Catalytic Water Conditioner has made a very big difference in the growth and color of all our plants. The grass is greener and more area grows where water is applied. More flowers are blooming than we had last year before the Care Free unit. The trees we planted last year have really had remarkable growth. We are very excited about your product and tell everyone about it. Also there is no longer a white water film on any of the plants. I'm satisfied with the Care Free conditioner in our home also. Thank you for your product."