Waterproblems By State

  • N/A of Concord, New-hampshire

    Concord, New Hampshire Chapel Hill, Tennessee & Atlanta, Michigan “Some time ago I asked my brother, Bruce Dow, who lives in Concord, N.H., why my hair felt cleaner than normal after showering at his house which is on a public, city water supply. He told me about his whole house Care Free Water Conditioner which made the water so good he was actually drinking it out of the faucet for the first time in years and no longer needed to buy bottled water! A year later, I built a new house in Tennessee and had a plumber install a Care Free Water Conditioner. I had to call three plumbers before I found one who said “Heck, I’ve never done one of these before but how hard can it be?” Well, it took him 15 - 20 minutes, he charged me $100 and I had a chlorine-free shower that night!! Then, I got back together with my first husband and we moved into his northern Michigan lake cottage with a deep well. The water didn’t have chlorine but it had LOTS of calcium-horrid chunky deposits that spotted my clothes-and it had Iron! After a phone call or two, the Care Free lady determined what we needed to have good - no make that GREAT- water. I had brought my Care Free Water Conditioner with me from Tennessee so we only needed the Care Free Iron Removal System. We are ecstatically loving our water now!” Pamela Dow