Waterproblems By State

  • Elaine Loesel of Vassar, Michigan

    "We are happy to report our Care Free system is working for us. We have extremely salty water. So far things we are happiest about are: 1. The house plants in soil and in water are thriving and need trim-ming already; 2. No more mineral buildup on shower and tub walls also, areas of sink drains are free of deposits; 3. The shower nozzle remains free of deposits which clogged it often previously; 4. Glasses from dishwasher are less spotted; 5.Our Son-in-law says our water tastes better."

  • John & Marlene Pawczuk of Milan, Michigan

    “We purchased our rural home 1992 and soon realized the harmful effects the sulfur water was having on our home & appliances. We spent $5,000.00 on a Culligan System that seemed to work for a while. Then we started having problems with the Hydrogen Peroxide pump failing to work and we were constantly having to adjust it to keep the ball in the pump from getting stuck. Not to mention the peroxide wasn’t cheap, hauling the salt was a hassle and that too was causing corrosion problems on our faucets. We were so unhappy with this Culligan system that we were considering buying a water tank and having water shipped in, but our roads get pretty bad in the winter and we thought the water hauler might not always be able to get down the road. We ordered the Care Free Products information packet, and it sounded like that was the system we needed. We were quite hesitant spending more money on a water treatment system, but we thought we would try it once more. We ordered the Care Free Iron & Sulfur Eliminator, Care Free Water Conditioner, Sterilight UV Disinfec-tion System & Big Blue filters and everything arrived within a week. We were able to have everything installed and running in two days, and we have very limited experience in plumbing. The directions were easy to understand. After installation was complete and we let the water run for a little while, we were amazed at how fast our water improved...we could actually drink the water straight from the tap, which we were never able to do before, even with the Culligan system. When people come over they now comment that we don’t have that rotten egg smell in our house anymore. Our soap lathers well & none of the bathroom fixtures have been turning black as before. In the past, any change left on the dresser would be black in a few days, but now our pennies remain copper in color. Thank You Care Free Products of Arkansas for solving our water problems!”

  • Larry Maloney of Chesterfield, Michigan

    “I use my Care Free Catalytic Water Conditioner in my summer cottage and it is Amazing how well it works! It is equal to or better than the big salt water softener I was using and so much easier to maintain. I hate to do plumbing so I was a little worried but it was easy to install.