Waterproblems By State

  • Val Holzapfel of Davidsonville, Maryland

    “I have been a user of your water conditioning equipment since 2005 and I have established residences in eleven states plus Tokyo and Brussels. But I have never had such excellent service and helpfulness as that experienced from your company through your representatives. It is a real pleasure to deal with a company which stands behind its products and employs such helpful & knowledgeable employees.”

  • Gary Budesheim of Annapolis, Maryland

    “I want you to know that your Sulfur Remover was the perfect solution to our Rotten Egg smelling water. As soon as it was installed we noticed a difference! The water never gave off an odor since. We have recommended your System to our neighbors who had the same problem. I told them how simple it was to install and use. Thank you for the help you have given us.” Gary Budesheim

  • Gay & Val Holzapfel of Davidson, Maryland

    “We were living in California and had to relocate to a horse farm in Maryland in order to be near our daughter in our advanced age. Prior to moving, we had experienced the rust and soapy feeling of the well water at the farm. We were determined to avoid these problems when we built our house on the same farm. Fortunately, we saw an advertisement for the Care Free Solution and decided to give it a shot. Following their guidance, we had the well tested and Care Free designed a water conditioning system to solve our problems [Single Tank Sulfur and Iron Remover, Care Free Catalytic Water Conditioner & Big Blue Whole-House filters]. We have been using that system for 10 months and we are ABSOLUTELY DELIGHTED with the results! We use the same well as our daughter next door yet we do not have the rust and soapy feeling she experiences using a brand new salt type conditioner. So not only do we have better water, but also do not have to buy and load salt! Thank you, Care Free- - you are doing a great job. Hopefully, the people in the East will get the word!”