Waterproblems By State

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  • Marlin Constance of Overland Park, Kansas

    "We purchased your Sulfur Removal system to remove the sulfur smell we were experiencing with our new well. It was an instant success completely satisfying us and solving our problem the day it was installed!"

  • Roger Nelson of Wichita, Kansas

    "We had the problem of "Rotten Egg" odor at our rural location. It had gotten to the point that it was about more than we could stand. Running all the hot water out did little more than smell up the place. I saw your ad in a magazine. In fact, I watched it for several times before venturing a call. When told of our problem, your people said, "no problem we have a fix". Honestly, I was a little bit of a "doubting Thomas" but figured something had to be done. Well, we are now the owner of your SULFUR REMOVAL SYSTEM. Our experience...unbelievable it does the job! My chemistry isn't the best in understanding how it works, but the bottom line - it works!"

  • Harlan Boyce of Wichita, Kansas

    “Your Sulfur Remover has been the best possible solution to the bad taste and sulfur smell of our lake home water. We’re able to drink and use the water for every use. We are very pleased with your system and would recommend it to anyone. Since I installed it, several of my neighbors have purchased your products also.”