Waterproblems By State

  • Larry Coppock of Marion, Indiana

    If you can read and can bor-row a pipe wrench, you can install a Care Free Water Conditioner yourself!

  • Larry Coppock of Marion, Indiana

    “We bought a Care Free catalytic conditioner to replace a Culligan on it’s last legs. We saved $300 right there not counting buying salt until I’m too old to carry it. On first reading about the products, I thought of the old adage ‘if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is’, but, after talking to others who had bought your systems and liked them, I took a chance. To make a long story short, we use almost no soap in the laundry, no more ‘stuff’ on the appliances, sinks and tubs. HOORAY! Another plus...if you can read and can borrow a pipe wrench, you can install this yourself. Thanks for the revolutionary Products.”

  • Robert L. Peoples of Shoals, Indiana

    “ We installed a Care Free Conditioner because we had all kinds of lime problems..had to put in many new faucets plus a new water heater. Now all the lime is gone! I sold this home, built a new one on the same water system, so purchased another Care Free unit for my new home & haven’t seen any lime problems. I am well pleased!”