Waterproblems By State

  • John & Dorothy Conroy of White, Georgia , Family& Staff of Friends Unlimited SWIMshop

    “Time goes by quickly when troubles drift away... December 31, 1965 the crew arrived on site to begin the construction of our 6,800 sq. ft. home & business. The beginning was critical because water from city or county was not available and a construction requirement was a good producing well with a flow rate of 20 gal. per min. because our heating / AC plant was an open loop Geo-Thermal unit. The well went in and the flow rate was 36 gallons per min. Water production was not a problem but being located in north Georgia near a locale called “Red Top Mountain”, iron particles in the water was. We started the search process for water filtration systems. In April 2004 green stains were growing throughout our home. Cost was a consideration in addi¬tion to function. After searching local suppli-ers, we went to the Internet and found Care Free Products of Arkansas. I asked the regular questions & the response was prompt and professional. I sent Care Free a water sample, and we had a pH problem. We purchased the pH Neutralizer Filter and the Care Free Conditioner which was fitted into our existing whole house filter system we had purchased from Lowes. Installation cost was $400+/- completed in about 5 hours. Results: Staining greatly reduced to Eliminated in toilet bowls, basins where staff fails to turn off the water completely leaving a drip’drip’ but no smell, and easy to service. Overall: We are very satisfied with the products (delivered on time), cost to complete and the water tastes great. Even the Flowers are doing better.”

  • James Kelly of Monticello, Georgia

    “We don’t purchase bottled water anymore since our water is crystal clear & delicious!”

  • James Kelly of Monticello, Georgia

    “We had a HORRIBLE Sulfur Odor in our water and severe deposits and staining caused by Iron. White clothes became yellow; we had to replace the hot water heater because Iron sediment stopped up the outlet; the toilet and shower had to be scrubbed daily to control the staining; and particulate filters had to be changed weekly as well as all faucet screens cleaned every other day!! After extensive research, we found your web site on the internet and sent for your catalog. Per your recommendations we had the water tested for pH, minerals and bacteria. The results showed high Iron and Manganese that exceeded the limits set by the EPA. After purchasing and installing your Sulfur and Iron Eliminator we were stunned at the Immediate elimination of the Sulfur odor! We waited a couple of days before scrubbing the toilet and shower to clean off the Iron stains and there has been absolutely no staining of either since then! White clothes come out of the wash still white and we don’t purchase bottled water for drinking anymore since our water is crystal clear and delicious! I must admit that I was skeptical that there was any system available that would eliminate these water problems that we had experienced for years, but you have products that deliver exactly what you say they will do. GREAT PRODUCTS and GREAT PEOPLE to do business with! Thanks for all your help.”