Waterproblems By State

  • James & Mary Hall of Vilonia, Arkansas

    “We installed your Care Free Iron & Sulfur Remover and the results have been great! Our water used to be rusty and undrinkable; we were buying water to drink & cook with, but not any more! Thanks Care Free for making a great product.”

  • Julia Thyer of Powhatan, , Arkansas

    I purchased the Care Free Stainless Steel catalytic water conditioner because I have so much lime in my water. The lime build up was ruining my coffee pots, my shower heads, and my water heater. Besides this, I had lime build up all around my sinks, commodes and tubs. I also had lime build up on my dishes and silverware. This build up was also clogging all the pipes in my house! Wonderful news! The Care Free conditioner is working as you said it would. Even better. Not only has the build up stopped, but the lime is also slowly getting off my dishes and silverware. Can’t believe it. I love the unit. We are going to build a new home and I plan to put a Care Free water conditioner in that water line from the beginning so I don’t have to go through this again. Thanks so much for such a great unit.

  • Deyane C. Martin of Smithville, , Arkansas

    I purchased your Catalytic Water Conditioner for our new home, and we have received good results from the product. I have a shop where the water comes into before coming into the house where the Care Free Conditioner is installed...the buildup at the sink and in the bath-room of the shop where the water is untreated is at least four times the amount of that in my house where the water is treated with the Care Free Conditioner. This tells me that the product is working and doing a good job.”

  • Michael Knollmeyer of Cabot, Arkansas

    “I love the Care Free Iron Remover I bought from you. It is dependable and everything that is advertised about it. It never fails and requires no attention. It is far better than what it replaced. Your staff was very helpful and honest and helped me order the best unit for me, not just the most expensive combination of equipment. Thank you. You have made our water much better and have eliminated a lot of inconvenience re-lated to our old system.”

  • William E. Shores, Sr. of Mansfield, Arkansas

    “We are very satisfied with the quality your Iron Remover and pH Neutralizer system has provided us...our old system worked fine for a few months, but soon the time between necessary servicing grew progressively shorter until we had to work on it constantly. We are very happy to have found a system that can handle all the iron and sulfur in our well water and which makes it tastes as good as (or even better than) bottled water!”

  • J.C. & Karen Kelly of Siloam Springs, , Arkansas

    “Our well was put in over 10 years ago and it was Sulfur Water. Lots of our family and friends didn’t like to visit us, much less get a drink of water! Since we put in our Care Free Sulfur Removal, we have been drinking the water and so has our company with no more rotten egg smell...We don’t have to buy bottled water any more either! Thank you Care Free, for making our water finally drinkable and odor free.”

  • Herb Heiss of Bush, Arkansas

    "When I had my new house built a year ago, I had a 340 ft. well dug. I was warned that it would probably be sulfur water and it was. After I put your Sulfur Remover in no more smell- it works great! My guests say no more smelly water! The good thing about it there's no main-tenance, just install it and forget about it. Thanks,"

  • R. D. Kielhorn of Leachville, Arkansas

    “Thank you for a Product that does Exactly what the literature Promised! Before I purchased the Care Free Iron/Sulfur eliminator, the iron in my well water was 5-7 times over what it should have been, and I sure hated the sulfur smell. I was tired of having a white dish-cloth turn tan in my hands as I washed dishes, showers with an or-ange wall, toilet bowls more orange than white, laundry dingy and big tan spots, and having to buy all cooking and drinking water. After having the Care Free System installed I now get exactly what I wanted...clean, clear water throughout my entire home, water I can cook with and drink (tastes like water should), the laundry is clean looking without stains, no more rotten egg smell and NO more daily scrubbings. Thank you!! P.S. It is totally maintenance free just as promised! A satisfied customer,” R. D. Kielhorn

  • Margie Polakowski of Rogers, , Arkansas

    "Your Care Free products are great! The Water softener is truly "Care Free" no carrying heavy bags of salt. My husband has installed 4 of your water conditioners for our friends. Our water is great tasting.”

  • Michael Knollmeyer of Cabot, , Arkansas

    Your staff was very helpful and honest and helped me order the best unit for me, not just the most expensive combination of equipment!

  • Scott Ridenoure of Winslow, Arkansas

    "Before I purchased my Care Free Iron Removal system I had so much iron in my water it was staining my clothes, dishes and all my bathroom fixtures. My water was a rust color and tasted awful, I couldn't use my ice maker, I couldn't even make tea without it turning black. Since I installed your recommended Care Free products my troubles are over, my clothes are clean, dishes are spotless, the water tastes as good as what you can buy at the store. My bathroom fixtures are clean and are not spotted anymore. I was spending $50 a month in cleaning supplies just to clean toilets, showers, sinks and the dishwasher. Your Care Free system has done away with that expense! You can't appreciate your products until you have them. Thank you, and I would recommend this system to anyone having prob-lems with iron in their water."

  • Tim Bennett of Marshall, Arkansas

    "Overall your Care Free sys-tem is 100% better than one I previously had, I would say it has removed 95% of the problems I had with my water. I still have one Big Blue sediment filter and one carbon filter at the end of my system to remove any remaining balance which I have to change every 3 months. I am satisfied with the results of your system and would recommend it to others for severe water like I had." (Grows Shitaki mushrooms with his water which contained high iron, manganese, tannins, sodium and low pH. - Installed Care Free Sulfur & Iron Removal System, pH Neutralizer Tank & Sediment and Carbon final filters.).

  • Edsel Roden of Emerson, Arkansas

    "We have so enjoyed our Care Free Sulfur and Iron Removal System. It has made the water so good. We have a chemical plant abut 4 miles from our home and we could not drink our water before we got your Care Free System. It takes the calcium & iron out plus all the other chemicals that were so bad. We are well pleased with this water system. I would tell anyone with bad water to get one.”

  • Bill & Wanda Farrington of West Fork, , Arkansas

    "It is a pleasure to write to you regarding our Care Free Sulfur & Iron Removal system that we purchased from you along with your pH Neutralizer tank. What a real blessing to be able to go to the faucet & turn it on & get clean, clear water!..and to actually be able to wash a white load of clothes that turn out white, not pastel yellow as they used to from the iron water we have coming from our well! It is also so good to have no scum on the shower stalls! We are so glad to have your products in our home & all the good, clean water! Many thanks again and God Bless you!!!"

  • Harold & Barbara Nolan of Rogers, Arkansas

    "We have been the pleased owners of your Care Free Water Conditioner and simply can't imagine being without it!"

  • Lavoye & Peggy Tollett of New Hope, Arkansas

    "We are very well satisfied with your Care Free Water Conditioner, Sulfur Iron Remover & pH Neutralizer tank -they have eliminated all of our rust and sulfur odor problems. Our HydroTemp Heating and Cooling System that works off our well has had no more problems stopping up and no rust in the commode, sink or bathtub anymore. We highly recommend your prod-ucts. They work wonders!"

  • Steve Carter of Cederville, , Arkansas

    "Your Sulfur and Iron Removal system we purchased from you has worked wonderfully. The system has eliminated our problems. Thanks,"

  • Charles Jackson of Hazen, Arkansas

    "I am very pleased with the Sulfur and Iron Removal system I purchased from you. My water was full of iron and sulfur. Since I installed the system I no longer have this problem, and now much prefer my own well water to city water full of chlorine."

  • Joyce Dres of Mountain View, Arkansas

    "I was so glad when we got your Sulfur filter installed, there is so much difference in the "smell" around here. I'm proud I saw your ad and called about the filter. It has made all the difference in the world to me. Now I can stand to turn on the faucet!"

  • Jim & Linda Lewis of Jacksonville, , Arkansas

    "My wife Linda and I purchased your Sulfur and Iron Filter system for our well. Before we installed your system we had very irony water and a sulfur odor. Since installing your system the water does not have an odor and the water is not irony as it was. We are very happy with the system which has been as you would say for the most part "Care Free". We thank you for this Great Product!”

  • Debbie Brown of Charleston, Arkansas

    "We just wanted to let you know that now we do not have iron stains anywhere. We purchased your Iron Removal system & Care Free Water Conditioner & it has been wonderful. Our water was hard & full of iron, my hair even turned orange colored. I don't spend near as much time scrubbing my shower & toilet bowls anymore and I will not have to buy all those iron removal products. The water is really good now. Thanks so much for sending me information on your Care Free products. It is one of the best investments we have ever made.

  • Barron McKinley of Little Rock, Arkansas

    "I just wanted to write and tell you how happy we are with our Sulfur treatment and pH Neutralizer system. We had been using a salt ion exchange type water softener on our well since we moved here . During the last couple of years, the water had been getting worse and worse, especially in the summer. I did a lot of research on the subject. I thought about buying a water softener, but didn't like the idea of adding salt all the time. I looked at chlorinators, but that also requires maintenance, plus it puts a toxic chemical in your water. Then I saw your ad. I couldn't believe it could be that simple. I had our water tested, and found that we didn't even need a water softener. Our only problems were the hydrogen sulfide and low acidic pH. When I installed your system in our well house, the change was immediate. No more smelly water! I wish I had known about this seven years ago. Thanks for all your help." Barron McKinley [Mr. McKinley was so pleased, he even bought a system for his Mother-In-Law!]

  • Daniel A. Forrester of Bigelow, Arkansas

    products are great. I no longer wish that we had city water. No smell, stains or salt. You have helped me enjoy good quality water without any hassle. Thanks,"

  • Virgil & Sally Polak of Eureka Springs, Arkansas

    Thank you for your Sulfur Eliminator. It sure is nice to be rid of the odor in our water. We do not have to hold our noses when we take a shower now. It's wonderful to have fresh smelling water all of the time. Thank you so much for this product."

  • Deborah Caspall of Powhatan, , Arkansas

    "Our Sterilight UV Purification system is the answer to our well water dilemma! We had just completed our new home in West¬ern Lawrence County and wanted to use our deep well. With Grandchildren visiting I wanted to make certain our water was safe. The UV system relieves our minds and allows us to enjoy the delight¬ful taste of our well water. We recommend this product to all peo ple."

  • Harold H. Brown of Charleston, Arkansas

    “Your Sulfur & Iron System is the best thing since ice cream!”

  • Wanda & Paul LaPlante of Lonsdal, Arkansas

    "Our water well had a very smelly odor. Showering was a quick chore with slow breathing and our sink and dishwasher smelled more like an unflushed toilet! We discovered to our amazement the very first hours that the water from our well was 100% odor free and did not leave greasy or colored rings in sinks, pots or other utensils. Many thanks for a great innovative Iron Removal device -its exactly what we needed and enjoy daily. We espe¬cially enjoy the maintenance free service."

  • Harold H. Brown of Charleston, Arkansas

    "I am very pleased with the Sulfur & Iron Filter. I do not have the rotten egg smell or the dingy clothes. It takes only half the detergent and the clothes come out much cleaner and smell much better. People around this area have asked about the difference in the water..I tell them it is 100%. Your Sulfur & Iron System is the best thing since ice cream! Thank you"

  • B. J. Kready of North Little Rock, Arkansas

    "Your water conditioning products are great. Our old salt soft water device not only didn't work but it flooded our pasture with its salt water discharge that killed the grass on our farm. Your Care Free Condi¬tioner, Sulfur/Iron Remover & Neutralizer being salt free provided a safe discharge that we piped into one of our stock ponds. Over the summer drought this salt free water backwash supplemented the pond which never went dry. Thanks for making us a satisfied customer"

  • Wendell and Jackie Beall of West Fork, , Arkansas

    "I am very pleased with our Care Free Sulfur Eliminator system!!! In summer months our water turns red and smelly. It stains the bathroom fixtures as well as anything else it stays on or in. You almost have to hold your nose to be able to take a shower. Well, this past summer was definitely different. The water lost its smell and most of the red color. We were pleasantly surprised that your system worked as well as it was advertised. Thank you so very much for this system and we look forward and hope - well not exactly look forward or hope, but plan to do business with you in the future should our system wear out."

  • Luther & Anita Pittman of Forrest City, Arkansas

    "We've told everyone else how wonderful your product is and didn't even think to tell you until now...I am so thankful for finding your ad in our Rural Arkansas magazine. We built a new house at Calico Rock, Arkansas. After living at Forrest City for our lifetime, we wanted everything to be just right in the mountains and it was except for the water! It smelled like rotten eggs. It would stink up the whole house. Your Sulfur Remover changed all that. Now our water has no smell and it is soft. It makes the best tea and coffee you ever drank. Thank you so much! "

  • Harold Sharp of Camden, Arkansas

    "I bought the Sulfur Remover, Care Free Water Conditioner and your Sterilight UV Systems. Since May 2000 I have had no problems of any kind with the system. It has done just what you said it would do. The smell is gone and no iron rust shows any place. It does a great job and is maintenance free (that is an important factor). I would recommend it to anyone with these problems. Anyone may feel free to call me or come by and check it out!"

  • Thomas & Alice Anhalt of New Blaine, Arkansas

    "When I met my wife, I found out that our water from our well smelled like rotten eggs. I grew up with it, so I didn't notice it. When I built our home I installed a sand filter to take care of the iron in the water and it helped a little bit with the smell, but did nothing for the calcium and lime. The sand filter took constant care to keep it operating properly. After installing your Iron & Sulfur system and Care Free Conditioner, the water is clear, the smell is gone, and the lime and calcium are slowly disappearing. Your water conditioning system is truly a care free system. Thank you so much for your Care Free Products."

  • Alton Sanders of Louann, Arkansas

    "I own and operate 3 chicken houses. I was having problems with water eating up my equipment. I saw your ad , phoned and received your information. As you suggested, I had my water tested. The test showed my water was very salty. You recommended your Care Free Conditioner. You said I would be able to taste the difference - you were right. I tried it on one well for about 5 weeks and then purchased another for my other well."

  • Michael Thacker of St. Paul, Arkansas

    "I am writing to tell you how pleased I am with my Sulfur Eliminator I had water that smelled so bad you could not stay in the same room. Now that I have my Sulfur Eliminator I can even take a bath. Thanks for such a good product."

  • Pat Miesner of Springdale, Arkansas

    "Since my only source of water is my well, you can imagine how pleased I am that my Care Free Conditioner, Big Blue Filters and UV water sterilization system is doing what it is designed to do. I am particularly pleased with the UV System. Whitbeck Laboratories initially tested my water and reported it contaminated and unsafe to drink. Since my Care Free UV System has been installed two recent tests have confirmed that my water is totally "SAFE".

  • Lorene & Walter Spiewak of Pea Ridge, , Arkansas

    "We wanted to let you know just how happy we are with our Care Free Water Conditioner & UV System. We had Rainsoft for approximately 12 years and it was nothing but trouble. We also had to add a chlorinator. Besides always having to buy salt and chlorine, we never could find a serviceman when we needed one. Another thing we like about your system is that every¬thing is installed against the wall. When we had Rainsoft, we had a room full of tanks (four to be exact). Since getting your Care Free System everything looks cleaner and also the water tastes good. We recommend your company to anyone who wants good water without salt and chlorine."

  • Imogene Bell of Bentonville, Arkansas

    "I have been very satisfied with the Care Free Water Conditioner I purchased from you, and for the prompt courteous service you gave when I had a problem a short time after installation, which turned out to be a broken ground wire on the outside of the building. Since then I have had no problems. The water is more palatable, and I can finally keep the calcium deposits from building up on the sinks, faucets and commodes. Thank you for a good product. I feel this piece of equipment is the best investment anyone can make".

  • Shelia McVay of Hermitage, Arkansas

    "The Sulfur System you sold us has helped a great deal on removing the sulfur/rotten egg smell. Things around the house are a lot better. When I wash clothes I don't have to hold my nose anymore. We are very satisfied. We don't think about water problems anymore. Thanks again for a very good product that really works."

  • Dr. Kerry Childers of Wynne, Arkansas

    "We built a cabin on Greers Ferry Lake. We have abundant "well" water, but it is very hard with a pH of 6.6 and a terrible sulfur odor. We installed your Iron Removal system and your pH neutralizer tank. Now we have clear, clean, good tasting water and great ice also! Thank you for your friendly, technical advice. I greatly recommend your "Care Free" products.

  • Mrs. Joyce Lichtenwald of Rogers, Arkansas

    "For two years we had a Culligan water softener and every month we were paying $18 (that's $432 in 2 years for just salt) to the Culligan dealer. Our trees were dying from the salt and we still had calcium buildup around our faucets and dark rings in our toilets. Since installing our Care Free Water Conditioner I noticed a dramatic change in only a few weeks. I'm now using less soap in both my clothes and dish washers. I also notice a difference in my clothes when I wash them, the colors all seems brighter, and I've even had to cut down on the amount of sham¬poo I use in the shower. I was ready to buy new lace curtains for our home as they were becoming dingy looking even though I tried washing them on several occasions. To my amazement when I tried one last time to wash them in Care Free Con-ditioned Water they came out look-ing just as good as new! You have a wonderful product.

  • Jeff Kelley of McCrory, , Arkansas

    "We purchased a Sulfur Remover and since installing it we have had a tremendous decrease in the bad odor and iron. It has really helped our problem.

  • Phillip & Marian Bechman of Belle Vista, Arkansas

    "We bought a Care Free Water Conditioner, and it took awhile for our pipes to clean out - We have a Jacuzzi tub- and now have no more gunk coming from the pipes, that is a relief! Also no more lime rings in our toilets - enjoy using less soap and cleaners. We have to be careful and not use too much shampoo!

  • Irvin H. Baker of Rogers, Arkansas

    "After owning a salt type conditioner for years we were skeptical when we bought your Care Free unit but wanted to get away from all the salt and thought we had nothing to lose with your money back guarantee. Needless to say, after using your Care Free water for the past year we are very pleased with the results and would never go back to a salt type water conditioner again as we have no maintenance to worry about. We previously always had scale buildup on our faucets and most noticeable in our coffee pot and this has totally disappeared since in¬stalling your unit.. Your Care Free Conditioner does what you claim."

  • Donald Fortenberry of Jasper, Arkansas

    "Drilling a well was our only choice for our dream home in the Ozark Mountains as city water was not available. After a few weeks of using the water we noticed a white residue on our dishes and glass¬ware and also noticed a white scale buildup on faucets, showerheads and commodes. A water test for minerals revealed a high calcium content. We purchased a water treatment system with an additive to dissolve the minerals. In addition to paying for a pump to place the additive in our water holding tank we also had to replace the pump once and it twice required repairs. We also had to buy the additive. The company guarantee promised that five gallons of additive per month would take care of the minerals - we never got those results. We bought Lime¬a-Way to clean faucets and fixtures, cycling it through the dishwasher and washing machine, and draining the water heater monthly to reduce some of the accumulation. Each time the water heater was drained the heating elements had to be re-moved and soaked in Lime-a-Way to remove the calcium encrustation. The pump as adjusted to inject more additive resulting in higher costs with no better results. I devised a system to completely clean the water heater tank and removed approximately two to three gallons of calcium flakes, at which time the pump was adjusted to inject even more additive, which again did not alleviate the problem. Your advertisement about your Care Free Water Conditioner eliminating mineral deposits gave us some hope. Your helpful answers to our questions about your system and talking with some-one in the area who had been using your system for nearly a year prompted us to make an appoint-ment to see your system. You graciously explained the system, your guarantee, showed us the unit and did not pressure us to buy. Weighing the escalating costs of the previous system against the one time cost of your Care Free unit we bought your system. After installation, I drained and flushed the water heater every month for 3 months, removing a small amount of deposits from the tank and elements. The sixth month I went through the procedure again with the following results: "Hot water tank - approximately 1/2 cup of flakes/granules from bottom of tank - assumed to have flaked off the heating elements. Upper heat¬ing element - no deposits. Lower heating element - a small amount of mineral deposit exists. (I was in-formed by a knowledgeable person that some buildup on heater ele-ments will occur from most any water). Washing machine, dish-washer, faucets & shower heads - no deposits. Needless to say, we are highly satisfied with your Care Free Water Conditioner system and can recommend it to any household with high mineral contents in the water as our well has."

  • Bob & Barbara Kossieck of Rogers, Arkansas

    "Barbara and I have moved 34 times in our 47 years of married life. We have run the gauntlet of water softeners having tried most company products. All had their various drawbacks. These varied from mechanical problems to excessive salt use, service difficul-ties and constant recurring ex¬pense. I think your Care Free product finally has it all together. Being maintenance free it is also salt-free which is good for the envi¬ronment. I have basically installed it and forgotten about it, which is about as good as you can get. Besides the soft water, the most important improvement in our water system is the complete lack of deposits in our water pipes and water heater. Additionally, we no longer have calcium/lime buildups on and around our water fixtures. It looks like the "Culligan Man" will soon be out of a job!"

  • Charles Hopson of Shirley, Arkansas

    “We had rust and bad taste and bad odor in our water. After receiving the Care Free Iron and Sulfur Remover we no longer have these problems. The water is clear and there are no bad smells or tastes!”

  • Jay P. Hagans of Scotland, , Arkansas

    "I recently built a new home. It happens to be on a well. which is 100 ft and is a good supply of water, but it has a high Iron content as well as Sulfur, you know that "Rotten Egg Smell". In just two days after hooking up the water line to the house the toilets became stained with that rust iron, you could not stand to take a shower for the smell. After checking into a salt softener I decided I did not want to be burdened with backwashing salt and adding salt every week. I contacted your business. The Iron and Sulfur removal system arrived and I installed it 3 days later. The results were immediate! We cleaned the toilets and drained the hot water tank and refilled everything. No more stains and the water has no foul taste or smell. You have a great product. Thanks for the assistance."

  • Linda Deaton of Little Rock, Arkansas

    "I love not having the rotten egg smell and the ring around my commodes. Thank you for your Sul-fur remover and the S12Q UV Sterilizer system!"

  • Roy L. Campbell of Witts Springs, Arkansas

    "I want you to know how much we appreciate your help and efficiency in helping us get rid of our hard water problems. I don't think I have ever tasted better water and my clothes, sinks, toilets, appliances and dishes are free from stains. This is the reason why I am very pleased with your Sulfur and Iron Removal system, and I continually recommend it to my friends and family. Thank you for being a Quality Company!"

  • Sandi Robinson of Mineral Springs, Arkansas

    "We purchased an S12Q UV system and a Care Free Catalytic Water Conditioner from you in 2002. We are very pleased with both. Our water has tested free of E.coli for the first time! We no longer treat the livestock’s drinking water and they don't get sick from it - that is a real blessing. I don't have to be concerned when washing fruits and vegetables or even meat. I just don't have to give the water a second thought anymore - that is so wonderful! We also have enjoyed the water conditioner as we can feel a difference in the shower. The water makes your hair feel much softer. You don't use as much soap either. I would and I do recommend your products to anyone who has water problems. Your products do what they claim to do - Thanks."

  • Bill Beasley of Mansfield, Arkansas

    Thank you for all the help you have given me in getting the best water we have ever had into the house we moved into in 2001! There was already a water system installed on the well, but it used some pretty vile chemicals in removing the sulfur and iron, and had a salt softener. That sulfur and iron remover never did work very well, and the chemicals it used were so corrosive that most of the time it didn't work at all. The backwash from the two tanks drained into the ground and began killing the trees and shrubs around the well. After installing the Care Free water treatment system (Sulfur and Iron remover, pH Neutralizer, Care Free water conditioner and S12Q UV system) we have the clearest, best tasting water ever!!!!! The best part of the situation is there is NO salt or vile chemicals washing into the soil to kill my trees! There is very little maintenance on the system and that is a big plus for me also. So again, THANK YOU!"

  • Julie and Neil Gaiser of Alexander, Arkansas

    "We were 1 month shy of completing 4 very long years moving into our dream home this past March, only to discover that our beautiful new abode had stinky orange water! After waiting about 3 weeks to see if the water might spontaneously clear up some, the search for a water filter system began. Several calls to different companies all resulted in the same suggestion: sand or salt-fed water filters. Having grown up only a mile from my present new home, I had watched my dad over the years try different water filter systems with only partial success (and if he couldn't succeed with them, I knew I could not!) However, the information obtained from the little ad with the Skunk from Rural Electric Magazine offered new hope - something my dad had not tried. I was skeptical that anything short of a miracle could help our water. We installed the Care Free Iron and Sulfur Removal system, and I do believe my prayer for good water has been answered. The sulfur stink was gone IMMEDIATELY! I now can wash all my clothes at home without them coming out looking dirty and dingy. Before your system, I had to weekly scrub the tub and toilets with rust remover, but they have remained stain free without any extra help. The water feels silky smooth, the ice looks and tastes wonderful, and half the amount of laundry/dish detergent creates loads of suds. It may only be wishful thinking, but it appears that the kids' blonde hair is lightening up a few shades. I'm quite sure that we will continue to find more benefits to add to the list. We could not ask for better earthly water! We would like to invite anyone in the Saline County area with stinky or iron laden water to stop and check it out."

  • Donna Mitchell of Siloam Springs, Arkansas

    "Thank you very much for giving some white toilets again! The iron in our water was so high that our toilets always looked yellow, dingy and dirty (even though I cleaned them very often). I was always embarrassed for other people to use our bathrooms since they never looked clean due to the iron stain-ing. Now, my toilets look great thanks to your Iron Remover! Thank you also for allowing me to wash our white clothes at home. Before we bought your Iron Remover, I had to wash our laundry at my parent's house. This became very inconvenient but thanks to you I can wash all our clothes at my convenience in our own washing machine. I also appreciate the feel-ing of safety that your Iron Removal System brought to our house. I feel quite a bit more comfortable about giving our children water to drink out of the tap; not to mention, it tastes a lot better too. Thank you for making such a great product, at an affordable price, to make our lives much easier and happier!”

  • Bill Tylor of Clarksville, Arkansas

    “In the Fall of 2006 we received our ron & Sulfur Remover and pH Neutralizer equipment from your company for our water system. I know little about plumbing, but it was not a hard job to install this equipment. As others have mentioned, I too found the directions easy to understand. I have found this system to really keep the iron problem down. I used to have to squeegee the shower doors and walls to keep them from turning brown. The tub has gone several months now since it has been cleaned..my wife used to have to clean it out every week to keep it looking nice before we received your equipment. We are very pleased with our investment. No more worrying about the salt in the softener or changing the large iron sand filter we had before we received you equipment. A happy customer.”

  • George & Jean Davenport of Cabot, Arkansas

    “We want you to know that we are very happy with the Sulfur Removal system that we purchased from you! It has eliminated the bad smell and strange taste. Our water tastes great now & our clothes seem to come cleaner. Another brand we had before yours just did not do the job. Everyday we are glad we saw your ad!”

  • Derek Ridenoure of Springdale, Arkansas

    “I moved into my grandparents’ old house and noticed that when I boiled water there was white residue in the pot and when I made iced tea, that there was a film on the top. Since I am close to some Chicken houses, I became concerned and had my water tested. It turns out that the water is safe, but I did need some type of filtration system. After consulting with a Care Free Products of Arkansas advisor, I purchased a UV disinfection system and a Care Free Catalytic Water Conditioner which has really cut down on the residue and the hard water left in the shower every day. My iced tea is much clearer than it used to be and the film is no longer there. That was in 2004 and I am continuing to be very happy and satisfied. In addition to the confidence and security of clean water, the Care Free Representatives have gone above and beyond to help me out when I had questions or needed replacement bulbs for the UV. Thank you so much for the Great Service and the Products!”

  • Vern & Aggie Lindvall of Salem, Arkansas

    “We installed your Catalytic Water Conditioner after getting a test report of very hard water. So far we haven’t had any hard water deposits on or around the fixtures, and we have recommended your products to friends.”

  • Vernon & Shelia Gaiser of Alexander, Arkansas

    “We purchased the Care Free Sulfur & Iron Eliminator from you last year. Prior to the purchase, our water had a very foul sulfur smell. Also, I could not wash our white clothes at home but had to carry them to a laundry. Immediately after installation the smell is gone and our whites no longer turn yellow. We highly recommend this system to anyone that is currently having to deal with similar water problems. Thanks!”

  • Becky and Bob Weidman of El Paso, Arkansas

    “We were so thrilled after we got the pH Neutralizer Tank & Iron & Sulfur Removal System installed. Our showers, our toilets and all of our sinks were stained with rust before we had your Care Free System installed. Our water had ruined our clothes, we had to go buy new clothes and start doing the laundry at the laundromat. Now we live way out in the country and going to the laundromat was not easy, as far as time wise. We definitely could not drink our water with all the rust and sulfur in it, and we couldn’t stand the smell. Our daughter in law didn’t like to come down here for a weekend visit because if she took a shower and washed her hair, she said it made her hair stink! I couldn’t blame her. Now we get a lot of visits from our son and his wife, we can wash our clothes at home, we can go to our refrigerator and get water and ice from the door now. Our hair does not stink, no more rust stains and since our water is softer now, we use less soap and detergent. Thank you so much for your Wonderful Products, we feel normal now. It’s such a small price to pay for such good water we have now. Thank you so much!”

  • Scott Archer, M.D of Little Rock, Arkansas

    “One of my concerns about building outside the city limits was the water quality. I had heard horror stories of my neighbors about the Iron content of the water and Corrosive pipes. They were constantly dealing with water problems. I came across the Care Free system and ordered the pH Neutral-izer, the Iron Eliminator and the Care Free Water Conditioner. All I can say is this was one of my wisest investments. Not only do I have excellent water quality, there is very little time required to maintain the system. The water is so good, that my daughter fills up gallon jugs to bring back with her to college instead of having to buy bottled water! Thank you Care Free.”

  • Glenn & Sherry Oswalt of De Witt, Arkansas

    “Since purchasing your Care Free Water System [Care Free Water Conditioner, Sulfur & Iron Remover & Sterilight UV Disinfection System] our water is no longer rusty nor does it have the sulfur smell. We are Glad we don’t have to buy salt pellets every 2 weeks now!”

  • Richard & Cheryl Hattenhauer of Berryville, Arkansas

    “When we built our new home and had our well drilled, it had a lot of Sulfur in it with the resulting Rotten Egg odor and Bad Taste. We purchased your Sulfur Removal System and installed it. We got very good results and have no more odor and bad taste. The water is much better now. We would recommend it to anyone having sulfur water problems. Thank you.”

  • Bill Bradley of Clinton, Arkansas

    “I purchased an Iron & Sulfur Removal system & it sure is nice to go to the bathroom & have No Red Shower, No Red Vanity & No Red Commode! The water tastes much better & it also took the Rotten Egg taste & smell out of the water & there is no more Iron! I would recommend this product to anyone! Thank you.”

  • William Marshall of Siloam Springs, Arkansas

    “ We have been using Care Free Products for a long time now and are pleased with the changes in our water. When our well was drilled, we found the water had Sulfur & was contaminated with bacteria and not safe to drink. We installed the Sterilight S12Q UV Sterilizer then had our water tested again and the water is now safe to drink. We also installed the Sulfur Remover which made a tremendous difference in the taste and smell of the water. We highly recommend Care Free Products of Arkansas.”

  • Michael A. Storey of Mulberry, Arkansas

    “Well after using your products, the Sulfur and Iron Remover your UV Sterilight Disinfection System, our water is “great”. The sulfur smell is gone, the water rings in the sinks, tubs, toilets are all gone. The water is 1000% Better than it always was. Thanks to your products we’re able to drink our well water. I think it’s better than the water system they just put in our community. I RECOMMEND YOUR UNITS TO EVERYONE. Thanks.”

  • Jason & Kristy Swint of Cabot, Arkansas

    “Since we moved into our house in 2003, we have had to replace the bathtub one time and the toilet twice because of our iron water problem. The water had so much iron that the ceramic bathtub was rusted through and it was scary to take a shower as we thought we would end up falling through it. The sinks were so stained and even our new bath tub and toilet was orange. I had to clean the bathtub with such harsh chemicals that everyone had to evacuate before taking on that task at least once a week. When using the hot water, we would practically have to hold our nose because the smell was disgusting! The dish¬washer was completely orange on the inside and there was no way that you would even think about drinking the water! The clothing situation was even worse. I cannot tell you how many pieces of clothing have been ruined. I quit buying white clothes because they turned brown. I would only buy dark clothes and my kids weren’t very colorful. I felt bad when I bathed my kids as the water was brown--the doctors even told me it wasn’t a good idea to wash them in that water. Now, after installing the Care Free Iron and Sulfur Remover, the clothes are clean! They smell and look clean & I can even buy white clothes. The tub & toilet are clean & I don’t have to use a pumice stone. The water smells clean & we can drink it~we don’t have to run to the store and buy gallons of water in jugs. The kids bath water is so clear it’s almost blue! What a difference in our lives clean water has made. Thank you so much!”

  • Orvil Sutton of Mountain View, Arkansas

    “We built a new home and drilled a new well and during the first 2 months of construc¬tion, the water was fine, but later we discovered we has sulfur water! It got worse, and when we moved in our sinks, commodes, showers, tubs and clothes began changing colors. Also, the odor met you at the door! I saw your ad, sent you a sample and was told my problems and what I needed. The Iron and Sulfur Remover cleared up my odor and staining problems. My water was also hard and I added a Care Free Catalytic Water Conditioner also. You s av ed my new home! I would recommend your products to anyone. They work! In fact I did and my neighbor bought your Iron and Sulfur Removal System too!”

  • Leahman & Marie Whelchel of Rogers, Arkansas

    “Thank you for your excellent products and service! We purchased the Sulfur Eliminator and it was easy to install. Amazing!! the smell was gone in a short time. Our water is great. We had tried another whole house filter before but nothing can compare to this product. The courteous service was appreciated also. Thanks again for solving our water problem. Best wishes for your continued success.”

  • Wayne Hicks of Mineral Springs, Arkansas

    “When I installed the IROX-F the Iron in my water changed from the Highest Level to the Lowest Level. I don’t need to buy bottled water anymore & my coffee tastes good.

  • Sam Rose of Texarkana, Arkansas

    “We purchased a pH Neutralizer in August of 2008. The installation instructions were easy to follow and we had the unit in and running within a couple of hours. The system works great and has solved our acid problem and our pH was 4.7! I tested the water after about a month and it was 7.2! The price of the unit was comparable to others but the quality seems top notch and I expect to have this unit for a long time. Thanks.”

  • Carl Reich of Vendor, Arkansas

    “What a pleasure to open a faucet and not be assaulted by the overwhelming odor of CHLORINE and SULFUR! Our water was so bad that we did not drink it. But after installing your CARB-X unit these bad tastes and odors are gone and we can enjoy a glass of water again. I had begun to give up on our water quality until I read your ad and said “what have I got to lose?” The testimonials were too inspiring to ignore, so we ordered you CARB-X unit and we are very happy and pleased with the outcome. Thank you for your help.”

  • Tara Carlton of Huntsville, Arkansas

    “We installed your Chemical-free & Salt-free Sulfur Remover and what a marked difference! The entire community where we live has a problem with sulfur water and we will definitely encourage our neighbors to try your system. Before, our water had a gray, brack-ish color to it along with the strong “rotten egg” smell, and now the water is Crystal Clear and Drinkable. It was definitely worth the cost..I only wish we could’ve had it years ago. Thanks”.

  • Vicki Griffin of Taylor, Arkansas

    “We ordered and received the Iron system from your company because I hoped it would keep our clothes from yellowing. IT HAS! Thanks.”

  • Mike Cottingham of Rogers, Arkansas

    “Care Free Products of Arkansas only sold me exactly what I needed to take care of my water problems! The customer service did not end after the sale either. It is worth the money!

  • Todd Blocker of Little Rock, Arkansas

    “We purchased your SANDMASTER & it was a cinch to install and since NO MORE SAND in the tub, NO LOSS OF WATER PRESSURE!!! We previously bought a filter system from a big chain retail store, but we were spending $20.00+ every month to replace the filter because we would lose water pressure.Now we never lose water pressure. Occasionally we empty the sand trap, but that costs $0.00 & is Easy, Easy. This has been one of my Best Investments yet! We are definitely telling our neighbors.” Thanks”

  • Byron & Elizabeth Ardemagni of Garfield, Arkansas

    “Last year we installed your Great Iron Remover. Before using your system, our water stained our toilets, sinks & showers. It also stained and left iron deposits inside our dishwasher and washing machine. In turn, our dishes always had a film on them. And our clothes were dingy and stained yellow. There was so much iron in our water that I had to strain it before we could drink it or cook with it! We spent thousands of dollars in the past 23 years on different water treatment systems...None of them worked! Since installing your Iron remover, I don’t have to strain our drinking water. It comes out of the faucet tasting great without anything float-ing in the bottom of the glass. The stains in the sinks and showers are gone, for good. What I really love is that your system is truly CARE-FREE. Nothing to add - no real maintenance. Thank you Care Free Products of Arkansas.”

  • Eddy Baer of Summers, Arkansas

    “We installed your CF34-SS ” Care Free Water Conditioner Before installation hard water calcium build up in pipes reduced water flow, plugged faucet screens and plugged up the dishwasher. Since installing the Care Free Water Conditioner, pipe flow has improved and the hard water spots at the shower have disappeared completely.”

  • The Vaughans of Ozone, Arkansas

    “Having purchased one of your Iron Eliminators we were surprised how fast the iron disappeared from our water and how quickly the toilet, bathtub, and sinks were white again, including our clothes- they actually looked like they had been washed they are so clean. The folks at Care Free Products of Arkansas were very helpful. Thank you all so very much.”

  • Betty Barrett of Hope, Arkansas

    “I truly enjoy your Iron and Sulfur eliminator. Now I know how you came up with the name of your company and products..with your systems you can be “CARE FREE”. No more stains and dingy laundry. Thank you.”

  • Becky Lynch of Rogers, Arkansas

    The Savings from not having to buy drinking water is Great, but the Convenience is Priceless...

  • The Lynch Families of Rogers, Arkansas

    “For the past 15 years that we lived here we had a Chlorinator [for Sulfur and bad odors] which required attention all the time and we were not able to drink the water! We bought bottled water by the gallon at $.52 until it started going up. We are not paying $.83 a gallon! We share the well water with our son and were talking about another system to treat our water. We read the information about your water treatment products and after a couple of calls to your office we decided to take a chance and try one of your systems. We ordered your CARB-X and after a couple of days we were able to drink the water with very little taste difference from the bottled water! We expect the system to pay for itself quickly. The savings from not having to buy drinking water is great, but the convenience is priceless since I have rheumatoid arthritis in my hands and the gallon jugs of water were hard for me to handle. We are so glad we finally have this water treatment and wish we had installed it years ago. I would gladly recommend your systems to anyone with water problems.”

  • Emma Harris of Alexander, Arkansas

    “We only lived in our new home a few months and started having calcium buildup on faucets and showerheads and could see small floating particles also in the drinking glasses. We installed a salt softener and it worked ok for awhile, but it started giving us problems and we couldn’t get any help or answers from where we purchased it and it was less than a year old..so it ended up being money thrown away and with 7 children every penny counts! We had you test our water & it was very hard & had lots of salt. We ordered and installed the Care Free Water Conditioner and it worked Great! So great it was hard to believe anything so small could change our well water so much. We also purchased the Aqua Pure system for salt spots. We were really surprised with the service we received and very pleased! We still don’t understand exactly how the Care Free conditioner works no bigger than it is but we do know it does a great job and we are very pleased with it and Care Free’s customer service.”

  • The Vaughans of Ozone, Arkansas

    “Having purchased a Care Free Iron Eliminator we were surprised how fast the iron disappeared from our water and how quick the toilet, bath tub, and sinks were white again, including our clothes...they actually looked like they had been washed and they are clean! The folks at Care Free Products of Arkansas were very helpful. Thank you all so very much.”

  • Kristy & Jason Swint of Cabot, Arkansas

    “Since we moved into our home 4 years ago we have had to replace the bathtub one time and the toilet twice because of our hard water Iron and Sulfur problems. The water was so bad that the ceramic bathtub was rusted through and it was scary to take a shower as we thought we would end up falling through it. I had to clean the bath¬tub with such harsh chemicals that everyone had to evacuate before taking on that task at least once a week. When using hot water, we would practically have to hold our nose because the smell was disgusting. The dishwasher is completely orange on the inside and there is no way you would even think about drinking the water! The clothing situation was even worse. I cannot tell you how many pieces of clothing have been ruined. I quit buying white clothes because they turned brown. I would only buy dark clothes and my kids weren’t very colorful. I felt bad when I gave my kids a bath as the water was brown and I didn’t feel like they were clean when the bath was over. The doc-tors even told me that it was not a good idea to wash them in the water. Now, with the Care Free Iron and Sulfur Removal System, the clothes are clean. They smell clean & I can buy white clothes. The tub & toilet are clean & I don’t have th scrub them with pumice stones. The water smells clean & we drink it! I can make bottles for my youngest son and don’t have to run to the store and to buy gallons and gallons of water in jugs. When I give my children a bath, the water is so clean and clear it almost looks blue. I do not have to be embarrassed when company comes over and needs to use the bathroom. What a difference, in our lives, clean water has made. Had I known how wonderful it was going to be, I would not have waited 4 years to purchase your product. Thank you so much!”

  • Margie Polakowski of Rogers, Arkansas

    “Finally a Clear Pond! We built a 18’x20’ fish pond in 2004. We used all the recommended chemicals and filters but with the summer heat the water would get so dirty with algae and whatever grows in water the fish could almost walk on it! We never really knew if we had fish because you could not see them. I was to the point of having it filled in and planting a garden. Instead, I installed the Care Free Water Conditioner in the water line before the water fall. What a Difference! You can see the fish—in fact you can see the bottom of the pond. The water plants are also thriving and the pond is now a joy to have— not a big job! Thank you so much.”