Waterproblems By State

  • Barbara Roth of Portal, Arizona

    “When I purchased the Stainless Steel catalytic water conditioner and the Iron & Sulfur Removal system in 2003, it was the crowning point of my new pump house! My husband and I built our house in 1979. At that time we were looking into water treatment options locally. SEARS didn’t even try to sell us their water softening equipment because our well water was so hard. So we learned to live with the sulfur smell and scrubbing sinks and toilets with sulfuric acid to get rid of the rust stains! Last summer we needed to replace the old pump house. The neighbor who did the construction told me about your company, and I got your toll free number from your web page and soon I had your brochures in hand. I was very impressed with the friendliness and dedication of your sales person who helped me making the decision to purchase the right system. I was not sure if I needed a separate sulfur treatment too, but the lady encouraged me to try just the single tank Iron & Sulfur Removal System first, and she was right, the single tank alone took care of the problem! Not only is the upkeep of the house so much easier without the stains, but the taste of the water improved so much, that it is a pleasure to drink the water. I also enjoy the softer feeling of the water because of the Care Free water conditioner. Most people in my neighborhood have salt water softeners, but everybody is impressed with the improvement of my water and the taste of it, without having to deal with the salt! I am very happy with it because I never liked the idea of adding so much salt into the environment. In our rural community of about 200 people in about 30 square miles, the Care Free system is only the second iron remover in the area...the other one is a Culligan which also does the work but is more expensive. Needless to say that I am very happy with my choice and never regretted the investment!”

  • Mary Hunnicutt, Wildlife Biologist of Sasabe, Arizona , Buenos Aires Nat'l Wildlife Refuge

    “We installed our Care Free Water Conditioner and Sterilight UV system, and already we are confident in drinking the water at our facility. You see, we raise an endangered species of quail—the masked bobwhite. It occurs only in southern Arizona and northern New Mexico. We are the primary captive rearing facility for this species in the world! Last summer, when we first looked into purchasing a water sterilization and softening unit, we were having dieoff amongst the young birds due to an outbreak of E. coli and Pseudomonas bacteria which appeared to be originating in our water supply. We suspect the bacteria came in from the well water and grew rapidly in the evaporative cooler pads on our roof-top cooler unit and also in our humidifier trays within our incubators. Since hard water had also always been a problem at the Quail Facility, we decided to get a system that did both things..kill bacteria and soften the water. Our equipment had for some time been caked with mineral deposits and it was a cleaning nightmare to rid the incubators and automatic bird watering system of the deposits. In addition, some disinfectants that we were using were not effective in water that hard. So we really needed a change. The units were installed for only a month and we noticed a difference in the hardness of the water and most importantly, the water tests pure! I have every confidence that the baby quail will grow and thrive on the pure water being produced now. Those of us at the Quail Facility are happy, too, because now we don’t have to bring in our drinking water from elsewhere. Thanks for producing a great" [Follow up: The quail are all thriving and multiplying annually!"

  • Dick & Yolanda Bomar of Snowflake, , Arizona

    “We want to express how happy we are with our Care Free Water Conditioner & IRO system. Having to see iron gone from showers, toilets, sinks, clothing, and even my color treated hair has made my husband and I so pleased with your product. We are also satisfied with the manner in which your staff processed and delivered our systems to us. You made our shopping experience very pleasant and we have recommended your products and your company to others. God bless you and thank you!”

  • Tony Valenzuela of Douglas, Arizona

    “You will be happy to know that I installed the Care Free Catalytic Water Conditioner and Iron and Sulfur remover on my water system and no longer have that fishy smell in my water. Also, my wife’s laundry no longer turns yellow and there are no more stains in my sinks and toilets. I am very pleased with your products! Thank you much.”

  • Louis Williams of Littlefield, Arizona

    “We live on a mountainside and our water was very hard and every place where it got wet looked rusty. I saw your advertisement and said to myself, why not? I ordered your Care Free Water Conditioner, and installed it to do my whole house water system, outside and inside. What a difference! I do not have to lift big bags of salt anymore! It worked so good, I ordered an Iron Remover and a Sterilight UV Sterilizer Disinfection System, plus the Big Blue Filter Carbon & Sediment filters. I Could Not Believe It! No more rusty water, and I have the BIGGEST ROSES in this whole area. My Plants just Love this Water! And the Sterilight UV Disinfection System also works just like you said it would. Fantastic! I will recommend your products to anyone who is interested. If there is one word to describe your products and what they will do for your water problems, I would say “Miracles”. Care Free Products will do what they say they will do. They did for me and they can for you!.”

  • Steve Armstrong, President of Prescott, Arizona , Dreamcatcher Homes, LLC

    “As Builders of properties, with the water source being well water, we have found a number of different problems with water quality from these wells. Care Free Products of Arkansas has always provided the answer to these problems with efficient simple systems, that operate properly, with very little or no homeowner maintenance. Our most prevalent problem has been the Rotten Egg smell in the water. The Care Free Sulfur Eliminator has effortlessly removed this problem. No odor at all in the water with this system! Hardness of “21 Grains Per Gallon” of our typical water system also presented problems. SOLVED by the Care Free Water Conditioner without the use of salt or home-owner input, other than a once a year battery change. This system has worked Wonderfully and made a lot of happy home owners! We have also used the Sterilight U.V. Disinfection System, mostly for homeowner peace of mind, but it is a very effective system should a problem with bacteria present itself. We Highly Recommend Care Free Products of Arkansas for Water Problems.”

  • Jim Moravec of Yuma, Arizona

    “My well water has a very high Sodium content which was Killing anything I tried to grow on my property. Since installing your Care Free Catalytic Water Conditioner, the plants are doing Great! There is also a noticeable difference in the laundry and dishes. Thank you for your product.”

  • James Reany of Phoenix, Arizona

    “Some years ago I bought a small farm in central Arizona that I intended to use to raise “Organic” foods as a retirement project. Almost every weekend I go down to work on the small house and farm property. When I first purchased the place I went there with a friend...I turned on the water and it smelled horrible!! My friend told me it was sulfur in the water. It really stunk! I fixed up the house to make it comfortable, however I had never been able to get myself to take a shower in the foul smelling water. Needless to say I have never been able to get myself to drink the stuff. I have several friends who say they would like to come down to help me out but without a shower they weren’t interested. I finally resolved to clear the water up. I did an internet search about sulfur in water and came across the Care Free Products of Arkansas site. I obtained a catalogue and the testimonials. It seemed I had finally found the solution to my problem, Before I purchased from Care Free Products I thought it would be prudent to check with a local dealer, so I contacted the most promising one. Their estimate was close to $3,000 and they used very old technology with caustic chemicals that I had to change fairly often. This didn’t seem right so I called Care Free Products again and I purchased their Sulfur Removal system. I installed it and the minute I turned on the kitchen tap the smell was gone! I actually burst out laughing I was so thankful. I can now have friends over and not be embarrassed. Thank you Care Free Products for the easy installation and pure smelling water!”

  • Patty Hidalgo of Mc Neal, Arizona

    “It has been so nice since we installed your Care Free Catalytic Water Conditioner. It is a lot easier to clean my tubs, toilets, sinks, showers, laundry, floors, windows and dishes. My brother and I both own a Care Free Water Conditioner for our homes, and I think everyone should get one and make their life easier! Thank you again.”

  • Robert J. Lupien of Snowflake, Arizona

    “My Care Free system consists of the Iron/Sulfur Eliminator, the Care Free Conditioner, Big Blue sediment & charcoal filters, and the Sterilight “Whole House” UV Disinfection System. The strong smell of sulfur is gone, as are the red/brown iron stains. Our soap now lathers up like it should and our dishes now come out of the dishwasher virtually spot-free. While our water tested free of bacteria, knowing that the “whole-house” UV sterilizer is on the job is a comfort, in case the situation should ever change. I would now say we have some of the Best Water in the area. The installation and maintenance instructions were extremely clear & easy to follow. The Care Free staff prior to and after the sale were extremely polite, patient & knowledgeable about your products. After purchase when I called with a couple of questions, I got the answers very quickly. If I was unable to reach someone, my calls were promptly returned. I am extremely pleased with your products, your company & your people. I would not hesitate to recommend all to friends and neighbors.”

  • Jordan & Vonda Evans of Safford, Arizona

    “We had just purchased a home and looked forward to starting some home improvements. We knew about the rust stains in the shower, tubs, and toilets but just thought they would easily be taken care of with cleaning. And they were. The problem was they were back the next day! We consistently had a red toilet, shower stalls and the white laundry needed to be taken to the local laundry mat to avoid rusty clothing. We spoke to a local driller and we considered the possibility of drilling a new well which would cost around $10,000.00, we would also need a reverse osmosis system. This however did not guarantee we would even find water much less good water. Meanwhile we learned we were expecting a new baby and the thought of bathing a little one in rusty water or having all those sweet pastel clothes stained was more than we could deal with. We even considered selling the home. Then my husband read your ad in a magazine and we decided to give it a try. With a money back guarantee how could we go wrong? We received the Iron Removal system and within minutes it was installed and to our great surprise we had no more rust! Our toilets stayed clean, no more harsh chemicals and the laundry could be done at home. We have shared this news with our neighbors and even a real estate agent so that others in our community may benefit from your products.”

  • Reverend Billy Haslam of McNeal, Arizona

    “I installed your CF1SS Stainless Steel Care Free Conditioner & SandMaster Sand remover SMP10 upon receiving them.They have improved my water quality immensely! Thanks for such wonderful products! I highly recommend them.”