Waterproblems By State

  • Elburn Henderson of Claysville, Pennsylvania

    “We really like the Care Free Stain-less Steel Water Conditioner and the Sulfur Remover. We don’t get the smell of rotten eggs anymore or the black water like we did before. We would recommend your products to anybody having hard water and sulfur trouble like we did. Also, we don’t have to buy #2 rock salt anymore! Thank you.”

  • N/A of Enola, Pennsylvania

    “We moved into our “new” 1963 split last summer to find that we needed a water treatment system because of heavy iron deposits on all of our fixtures and a horrible rotten egg smell which made the water undrinkable. When we called Care Free Products of Arkansas, we were very impressed by the hands-on knowl-edge of the representative. In fact, she assured me that the installation would not be difficult and that if I had any problems, she would walk me through them step by step. After a few short questions, we found an Iron and Sulfur removal system was what we needed. Since that Care Free Iron & Sulfur Removal System was installed, there was an immediate change in the condition of our water: No more rotten egg smell, No more stained fixtures, No more ruined laundry. And the water tastes GREAT! We have since installed the Care Free Water Conditioner and are very pleased with the water quality with no need for salt or chemicals. We would gladly recommend Care Free to anyone with problem water because Care Free will have the answer!”

  • Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Hocek of East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania

    “My wife and I ordered and installed your iron and sulfur filter system in January of 2003. Since then, we’ve improved our water quality tremendously! Before we got our Care Free Iron System, our water was yellow, and sometimes gritty with rotten egg smell. Immediately after installing the Iron System these problems completely disappeared!! Even our clothes come out cleaner after washing now. This is especially important since my wife has to wear white and light colored clothes to her job. No more stained clothes! Installing this System has been such a positive experience that we recommend it to everyone we know in need of a high quality system to remove iron, sediment and sulfur egg smell from their water supply. And who can beat its self maintenance features? Thanks again from two very happy customers!!”