Waterproblems By State

  • Craig Wood, owner of Choctaw, , Oklahoma , C & L Septic

    “As one of the leading installers of Aerobic Septic Treatment Systems in Oklahoma, we have been recommending your Catalytic Salt-Free Care Free Water Conditioners for years to our customers who have hard water problems because other “salt-type” water softeners would affect the overall operation of the Aerobic system. We have been very happy with the prompt service (including water testing) you have provided to both us & our customers. Your Care Free Conditioner has proven to be an excellent product to remedy hard water problems for our customers who otherwise would have to endure the aggravation of hard water in their homes.”

  • Mike Brown of Tahlequah, Oklahoma

    "The Sulfur Remover we purchased has made quite a difference in the smell that was associated with our well water. We are pleased with the difference it has made. I have recommended it to others."

  • Calvin Chandler of Idabel, Oklahoma

    “We moved from town to the country and had a well drilled. The water turned out to be sulfur water...it was so bad it would smell up the whole house when you turned on the faucet. We bought the Care Free Sulfur Remover and have no more bad odors!"

  • Frank & Debbie Reed of Eucha, Oklahoma

    "When we moved to the country, we thought our only option for hard (25 grains per gallon), scaly well water was a large salt softener. Besides the size and upkeep, we especially didn't like the idea of the run off de-stroying our trees and landscaping. In the nick of time, we heard about your company and your products. .. we took a chance. We noticed a difference immediately! The water was clearer, the dog's water bowl no longer had a film on top, and wash-ing dishes required a lot less soap. Our water used to have some sulfur odor, but not since we installed your Care Free Water Conditioner. We appreciated your honesty - you stated that was not a claim that could be made for this product, but several customers reported it did take out a sulfur smell for them and it certainly has for us! Your product really delivered what you claimed and we would recommend it to others." Frank & Debbie Reed

  • Lynne McKnight of Burneyville, , Oklahoma

    “I recently built a new home where there is very hard water. A lot of my neighbors have the type of water softeners that have to be filled with salt. I saw what a hassle that was for them, and decided to look for another solution.I purchased you Care Free Water Conditioner and have been totally satisfied with it. I have seen no signs of hard water, and I strongly recommend it to anyone with hard water prob¬lems. Thank you.”Lynne McKnight

  • Moe Atchley of Sand Springs, Oklahoma

    "We've lived here in the country for over 20 years and have had to become acclimated to the increasing odor of sulfur in our well as it is our sole source of water. I always mentioned this whenever we had company. They of course had noticed the "odor" but were just being polite about it. When we considered selling our home I had to get serious about looking into a filtering system that would hook in to our well and would eliminate the "rotten egg" odor associated with sulfur. Needless to say we purchased your Care Free Sulfur system. So simple yet so effective. This virtually maintenance free, easy to install system works. Really works! We knew of your great guarantee and read others testi-monials, but as its been said.."the proof of the pudding is in the tasting". Even my husband who was somewhat skeptical at first, admits it works just as you advertised it would, and we have odor free drinking water with no more smelly laundry days or showers! Thanks for standing be¬hind your product. - P.S. No- we didn't sell our house, but if we decide to the Care Free system will definitely be a selling feature!. I'm a very happy customer."

  • Mike Brown of Tahlequah, Oklahoma

    “The Care Free Sulfur Remover we purchased has made quite a difference in the smell that was associated with our well water. We are pleased with the difference it has made. I have recommended it to others.”

  • Kim & Ron van der Wal of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

    “We purchased our Care Free Water Conditioner and Iron Remover in early 2003. The water conditioner and Iron Remover have been put to the test..our water was extremely hard and the iron in the water turned our appliances and even our clothes red. Since having the Care Free products in place, our water tastes great, our appliances and clothes are not red and our bathtub water is sparkling! We are so glad that Care Free Products of Arkansas was recommended to us. And we are recommending to a lot of other people with the same water problems. Thanks for your wonderful products!”

  • Mr. & Mrs. C. R. Baird of Chandler, Oklahoma

    "After much investigation into locally available water softeners, so called conditioners, as well as other products that supposedly take care of the water, we purchased your Care Free Water Conditioner. We installed it using your understandable, easy instructions and saw an immediate result. Our shower head was always clogged and the water streams would just go every way but the way you needed them to go. Now, upon taking a shower, all the water streams are straight and where they belong. My house is cleaner now that we have your Care Free Water Conditioner and I don't have to spend as much time cleaning. We no longer have the build up in the fixtures as before and the chrome fixtures stay nice for a longer period of time. Thanks so much for a great product!"

  • Jim Schoelen of Norman, , Oklahoma

    “I am pleased to inform you that we are very satisfied with our Care Free Water Conditioner! We noticed a difference immediately in the quality of our water. Before buying your product, I had contacted past owners and each and every one of them endorsed Care Free wholeheartedly. It was an easy choice from then on. I am glad that I was able to easily find out about your products on-line through search engines and make a decision on my own with no pres¬sure. Thank you!

  • Ricky & Kim Hensley of Calera, , Oklahoma

    "My family bought a Sulfur & Iron System from you for our well. We had just built a new house with all new appliances. We had a lot of company and I had to use Lime Away once or twice a week in order to keep our toilets and tubs from turning red from the iron in our water. It was embarrassing for company to smell the rotten egg smell of the water when I washed dishes or when they took a bath. I could not buy any white clothing for my family because it would turn tan and dingy looking. All our water had to be filtered to even drink it. Now we can drink our water straight out of the tap! Our clothes stay white and I can use plain Pinesol or cleaner just to clean my toilets. I was really skeptical about how much your products could do but within a day we could drink our water and within about 6 or 7 hours after installation the smell of the water was gone. We were and are still very pleased with this product and the amazing results we have had." Ricky & Kim Hensley

  • Bobby Amos of Stroud, , Oklahoma , Amos & McDaniel Heat & Air

    "After I installed the Sulfur Eliminator in my new home it got rid of the rotten egg smell and also the lime problem. I am very satisfied with your products. Thank you for your help."

  • Wanda Gentry of Ada, , Oklahoma

    "I am pleased with my Care Free unit. It has cut down on the scale and I use less soap."

  • Marvin and Lu Corser of Stroud, Oklahoma

    “We are very pleased with the performance of the Care Free conditioner and Iron Remover provided by Care Free Products of Arkansas. A strong sulfur odor in our water was completely eliminated and the iron concentra-tion was reduced to an insignificant level. Hardness behavior was reduced substantially and there has been no problem with bacterial contamination. This performance is achieved with very minimal mainte-nance and without the addition of any chemicals!”

  • James & Ann Shepard of Beggs, Oklahoma

    "We drilled a water well to provide water for our long awaited dream home situated on forty wooded acres. To our dismay, the water had a tremendous amount of lime and calcium. The stainless steel kitchen double sink and the new dishwasher soon developed whitish grey spots. Needless to say, the glasses and items washed in the dishwasher were spotted. The new washing machine used twice as much detergent. To add to the situ¬ation, the beautiful brass fixtures in the bathrooms developed the same white deposits. The toilet commodes were a nightmare to keep the deposits removed. I noticed an advertisement claiming you had a product that would eliminate the calcium, lime and other unsightly deposits left by hard water. My husband and I talked about taking a "chance" on purchasing your Care Free Water Conditioner. We ordered it on your toll free number, installed it ourselves, then waited for the re-sults. The first thing we noticed was the "feel" of the water. It was smooth and soft. I had to decrease the detergent in the washing machine to about one half. The kitchen sink is pretty and shiny, the deposits on the glass ware are gone, and the brass fixtures are again beautiful. This product has been a miracle in our home. I cannot describe how much we have enjoyed the deposit free appliances and plumbing fixtures. The Care Free Water Conditioner is truly a unique development. If you have hard water Care Free is for you!"

  • C.K. Mandel of Calera, Oklahoma , C Bar Cattle Company

    “In November of 1999 we bought a Sulfur Remover. We have had very good luck with it, so we are now ordering one more for our other mobile home. Thanks!”

  • Edna Dotson of Bristow, , Oklahoma

    “We purchased a Sterilight UV Sterilizer disinfection system and the Big Blue filter from you and we can see a big difference in our water and now feel safe drinking and bathing in our water! Anyone with a water problem should contact Care Free Products of Arkansas!

  • Landy Offolter of Blanchard, Oklahoma

    “The system we purchased from you was for our Daughter and Son in law (Care Free Water Conditioner and Iron and Sulfur Removal System). They had very hard water and a very strong odor of sulfur with iron stains in the bathroom and kitchen. I had talked to a local water softening company in our area and was told they could get rid of the hard water but not the smell. I am happy to inform you that your system has done both! I have told several people about your products. I know 2 people that have bought your Care Free Water Conditioner.”

  • Theresa Evans of Edmond, Oklahoma

    “We moved into a new home with a well and it did not take us long to find a solution to the hard water from the well. The Care Free Water Conditioner was the perfect solution; we no longer have the hard water spots on all our sinks and toilets and on the outside of the windows from the sprinkler system. The house with the hard water problems made me fear the maintenance that would come with the constant cleaning of hard well water. Once we installed the Care Free Water Conditioner the hard water is gone along with the harsh cleaners I was buying. Additionally I now spend more time enjoying my home. We plan on putting in a swimming pool and we will purchase another Care Free Water Conditioner (pool unit model) for that when the time comes. Thank you!”

  • Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Clymer of Edmond, Oklahoma

    “We bought our water system from Care Free Products of Arkansas in 2004. Before the new system we had mineral deposit on all our fixtures and dishes. The Care Free Catalytic Water Conditioner has solved our mineral deposits on our dishes. All we need to do is wipe the spots off with a towel. This is so much better of a situation than having mineral deposits that could not be removed with any method. We are pleased with this product.”

  • Charles Lee of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

    “We purchased the Care Free Water Conditioner and S12Q UV water purifier for our lake home. We had hard water stains & e.coli bacteria prior to installation. Now the water seems softer & we have less hard water deposits (and no e.coli). This system was preferred over a salt type conditioner. Thanks Care Free”

  • LaDon and Treba Blankenship of Wynnwood, Oklahoma

    “After the purchase of your Care Free Water Conditioner High Performance Stainless Steel Conditioner and Sulfur Removal System our water improved in ONE day! We are enjoying our water much much more thanks to your products. Thank you so much.”

  • Donald V. Landis of Cushing, , Oklahoma

    “I have been extremely satisfied with the Sulfur Eliminator. Based on water tests, we had Hydrogen Sulfide in our rural water but no measure of other minerals. Initially I obtained prices from a local filter system business and was quoted a price range of $3,500 to $4,000. Their system required chlorine and other filter mainte-nance items to be performed on a regular basis. Fortunately I found your internet website and read about your Sulfur system which I bought. The sulfur taste in our water disappeared. We have used the Sulfur Eliminator for several years and have been pleased with the results and reasonable cost.”

  • David Rhoads of Yukon, Oklahoma

    “Thanks for the products that you put out. I was amazed at the difference the Care Free Catalytic Water Conditioner made with our plants! With 40 Grains Per Gallon hardness and 1,100 ppm salts (TDS), we had such a hard time getting them to grow, but now they are flourishing! The white buildup has turned to a powder in most cases and is easily brushed away. Thank you!”

  • Joseph Glosemeyer of Cashion, Oklahoma

    “When we started building our new home, we were concerned about the quality of our water. Our neighbor’s water was undrinkable because of high sulfur content and the mineral content in their water was so high that they were continually replacing faucets and water lines due to corrosion. Testing revealed that our water also had high amounts of minerals, including sulfur! We installed the Care Free Water Conditioner as well as the Sulfur Remover. We are happy to report that our water tastes fine and that there is no mineral build-up on our faucets. They are easy to clean and still look like new. We are grateful that these products are providing us with a High Quality supply of water.”

  • Mr. & Mrs. Fairen Bard of Jennings, Oklahoma

    When we bought our 40 acre farm we drilled a well. The well came in with a good water supply BUT it would Not pass the health depart-ment’s test for Potable Water. We checked different methods to clean up the water & most recommended a chlorine treatment with additional filters to take out the chlorine. We saw your ad using UV to kill bacteria and the cost was no more than other methods. We installed your UV Disinfection System and our water Passed the health department’s requirements Immediately! Months later we noticed red stains in the stools, washing machine and dishwasher and a Sulfur smell and taste. We then decided to purchase your Sulfur and Iron Eliminator system. We think we now have the BEST tasting water in the area. We’re glad we saw the ad for your products! I have enough confidence in your products that I would not hes-itate to pump water out of our pond and use your products to make the water drinkable. Thanks again for making our lives on the farm very enjoyable.”

  • Greg & Robin Glenn of Edmond, Oklahoma

    “After we moved into our house we installed the Care Free Catalytic Water Conditioner. We have had OUTSTANDING results with this product & would highly recommend it to anyone!”

  • Ronald West of Cushing, Oklahoma

    “We purchased the Care Free Water Conditioner for our hard water problem. We no longer have a problem with calcium deposits on water faucets or in the hot water heater. The Care Free Conditioner was easy to install. We only wish we had installed it years ago!”

  • Blanche & Bill Hatfield of Bristow, Oklahoma

    “We couldn’t be more pleased with our Water System! (a Care Free Water Conditioner and CARB-X odor and bad taste remover). The water cleared up and there was no bad smell after the first day. It is 100% better. The water is soft and tastes like spring water and that awful smell is gone. It’s like a miracle happened overnight. Thank you for all the good advice as to what we needed to improve our well water.”

  • John & Roberta King of Meeker, Oklahoma

    “Thank you for finding us the best water conditioner for our well! We had to have a new water well drilled because our old well was too shallow and had low water pressure. The new well had really hard water according to the test we had done, and it had too much salt and was killing our plants! Now, with the Care Free Water Conditioner, our sinks are staying cleaner and our garden is growing better too. Thank you Care Free Products for all your help!”

  • Sherry Goucher of Hennessey, Oklahoma

    “Several years ago we bought our Care Free Water Conditioner. What a difference it has made! The calcium content is extremely high here in Central Oklahoma. When we moved into this house two years ago, we had to replace the hot water heater. The calcium was built up 3/4 of the way up the hot water heater! The water was also not very tasty. Since the Care Free Water Conditioner has been installed the hot water heater is fine and we can drink water right from the tap.”

  • Jamie Creamer of Harrah, Oklahoma

    “After drilling a new water well we discovered we had a bad Rotten Egg Smell to our water. After trying several things to get rid of the smell we finally bought one of your Care Free Sulfur Removers. Guess What? It works Great..got rid of the bad smell quickly and we haven’t had the smell since. We would tell everyone to try your products. Thanks!!”

  • Rex Ragan of Shady Point, Oklahoma

    “After installing your Sulfur Remover and the Sterilight UV Disinfection System my water problems have been eliminated. They are working Great! My problem was well water that smelled of Rotten Eggs and was Unsafe to drink. After installing the equipment I purchased from you I had the water tested. The test came back that my water was completely SAFE for human consumption. Thank you for handling some quality products that do what you say they will do.”

  • Sam Lupton of Shawnee, Oklahoma

    “We installed your Sulfur remover in our system and it works very well! Our water had a very bad sulfur odor. We can now drink our water and bathe without that terrible smell. Thanks!”

  • Jim & Gerry Downing of Tulsa, Oklahoma

    “We are on well water in the Kiamichi Wilderness and after installing the products recommended by Care Free Products of Arkansas, our water is Clean and Clear (pH Neutralizer Tank because of extremely low pH and IRO Iron & Sulfur Remover be¬cause iron level was 9.5 ppm!!) We are now able to drink it and cook with it without having to boil or treat it first. Thank you very much; we will be recommending your products to everyone in our area.”

  • Michael D. Furrow of Bristow, Oklahoma

    “Thanks for products that actually work! I was skeptical at first but we have a big improvement in our water, and the installation was easy and the quality of the devices is impressive. After installing the Care Free Water Conditioner, I then installed the S12Q Sterilight UV Disinfection System and am equally pleased with the results.”

  • Larry & Vicki Mitchell of Seminole, Oklahoma

    “My wife and I moved to Seminole, Oklahoma from California and the well water smelled like “rotten eggs” and was full of iron! The toilets were red and the taste of the water was NOT good. We purchased your Care Free Salt-free Water Conditioner and Sulfur & Iron removal system and after the installation the results were unbelievable! We couldn’t believe it was the same well. Thank you for your products.”